Pydantic Factories

November 25, 2021 at 08:04

Hi Pythonistas!

I am the author of a library called pydantic-factories, which allows you to generate mock testing data from any pydantic model. It's a bit like factory-boy, model-bakery and others for the django and flask world, but for pydantic. Because pydantic has great typing support and type parsing, the factories are able to generate all data automatically, which is pretty neat. This library works with other libraries that use pydantic, for example- fastAPI, SQLModel, Ormar, Beanie, Odmatic etc.

Here is a link to the repository -, I would of course love getting more stars. But I would especially love getting more users and contributors - really do feel free to add PRs, write issues and suggestions etc.

i would also love some feedback here!

Note regarding versioning- I intentionally keep the library at version 0.x.x for now, because i want to keep the api somewhat elastic for the near future.