Scientists Discover World's First Impact Crater on Chinese Mountain

September 18, 2023 at 23:26

Tuesday / 4 / Rabi’ al-Awwal / 1445 AH – 00:57 – Tuesday 19 September 2023 00:57

Scientists have discovered the world’s first known impact crater on the top of a mountain, in the northeastern region of China. Scientists indicated that the bowl-shaped crater, located at the top of Mount Baijifeng in Jilin Province, northeast of the country, was caused by the explosion of a piece of space material. Analysis of rock samples from the site revealed features that could only have been formed during an impact accident, according to a research paper published in September. The study’s lead author, Chen Ming, a researcher at the Center for High Pressure Research and Advanced Technology in Beijing, said the crater’s location is at the top The mountain makes it unique among confirmed craters in the world.