SteelSeries Collaborates with Nongshim Red Force VALORANT Team to Showcase Rapid Trigger Function of Apex Pro Series Gaming Keyboard

September 18, 2023 at 23:47

SteelSeries (CEO: Ehtisham Rabbani) released an interview video with the Nongshim Red Force VALORANT team players about using the Rapid Trigger function of the SteelSeries Apex Pro Series gaming keyboard.

SteelSeries, established in 2001 as the ‘world’s first specialized gaming gear brand’, has strived to provide the brand value of ‘FOR GLORY’ to all professional gamers. In addition to developing innovative gaming gear that allows users to play a variety of games in the best environment, we are also sparing no effort in investing and supporting the development of the gaming industry and the establishment of a healthy gaming culture.

Steel Series has been in close partnership with Nongshim Red Force since 2021. SteelSeries fully supports all products, including premium gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and mouse pads, that help improve the skills of Nongshim Red Force players. Nongshim Red Force has been conducting various marketing promotions both online and offline, including brand days, using Steel Series’ premium gaming gear.

In this interview video, the Nongshim Red Force VALORANT team’s Lee ‘pr0xy’ Do-kyung, ‘Jeong Hi’ Jeong-ha, and ‘cloudy’ Min-jae Koo revealed their own reviews of using the Steel Series Apex Pro Series gaming keyboard and the rapid trigger function.

Rapid trigger is a method in which the input signal is cut off the moment the key is released, unlike the general method in which the input signal is cut off only when the switch is raised to a certain level when the key is released, allowing for fine control such as the character stopping exactly at the moment the player releases the key in the game. This is a feature that is currently in the spotlight among VALORANT gamers as it helps make things easier.

In the video, Lee Do-kyung, ‘pr0xy’, emphasized the importance of the rapid trigger function, saying, ‘I think breaking is an essential element in Valorant.’ Breaking is a technique in Valorant that stops movement to prevent the spread of bullets, and more accurate breaking is possible by using the Rapid Trigger function of the Steel Series keyboard. ‘Jeong Hi’ Lee Jeong-ha released a play video before and after using the Rapid Trigger function, showing the clearly changed control.

Lastly, Minjae ‘Cloudy’ Koo said, ‘I’m using an Omni Point of about 0.9mm, and I really like the fact that it can respond very quickly.’ He added the OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable hypermagnetic switch, which allows key pressure adjustment through dedicated software, on a mechanical keyboard. SteelSeries was full of praise for the Apex Pro Series gaming keyboard, which has all the essential elements of a premium gaming keyboard, including 20 times faster actuation and 11 times faster response time.

Currently, all Nongshim Red Force Valorant team players are using SteelSeries Apex Pro series keyboards. ‘Moves’ Jun-seo Park, Min-jae ‘Cloudy’ Gu, Dong-ho ‘dongho’ Kang, Ji-woo ‘margaret’ Kim, and Jeong-ha Lee ‘Jeong Hi’ are using SteelSeries’ Apex Pro Mini wireless products, while Do-kyung Lee ‘pr0xy’ is using the Apex Pro TKL ( 2023) product is in use. Products used by players can be purchased at the Steel Series Naver official store.

Lee Hye-kyung, branch manager of SteelSeries Korea, said, “The Apex Pro Series was equipped with the Rapid Trigger function, which acts as a cheat key in VALORANT and FPS games, with the FW/SW update last month,” and added, “Nongshim Red Force VALORANT team players are using the Rapid Trigger function of the Apex Pro Series. “We hope that this feature will be able to provide fans with a more complete and wonderful victory.”

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