Amazon's Top Grooming Wipes for Dogs And Cats Get More Five Star Reviews

August 23, 2022 at 16:22

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Pogi's Pet Supplies, Amazon's top online retailer of eco-friendly pet care products, is proud to announce that their dog grooming wipes have been receiving 5-star reviews on Amazon:

These are plant-based grooming and deodorising wipes that will ensure pets smell fresh with their conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin e, and Hawaiian awapuhi. These ingredients help freshen, clean and condition the pet’s coat and provide it with a healthy shine. These grooming wipes are useful for wiping away dirt, odour, and dander from the pet’s body, paws, and bums in between baths. The aloe vera is soothing and nourishing, the vitamin e is to strengthen the pet’s fur and give it the desired shine. And the Hawaiian awapuhi is for softening and hydrating the pet’s coat.

Grooming Wipes For Dogs

In one of the latest reviews, user Christine gave them 5 stars and said: “We had been using these just fine - they did the job on our current dog - wiped him down every week...then we adopted a dog from a Texas shelter during 100+ degree days. We can’t bathe her because she was just spayed and we have to wait a week or two so we used these instead. I was amazed that these took the ‘shelter funk’ off of her! We are wiping her down everyday and she smells so clean! If these can remove the smell of funk and despair they will most certainly work well for everyday needs.”

In another recent review, user Glenn also gave the product a 5-star rating and said: “These are great and I love the scent. Sometimes pet wipes can be too ‘perfume-y’ but these have a nice smell that is very natural and subtle. The cats don't object to them, but (being cats) they're slightly annoyed that I'm wiping them down vs. petting them.”

An important feature of these textured grooming wipes for dogs is that they are large enough to be used even for the biggest dogs, and sufficiently thick for even the heaviest coats. They can be convenient to use for gentle pet baths when normal baths are not possible and they can also be used when pets are under stress or after surgery. This particular product has 100 fresh wipes in one pack with each wipe measuring 8 inches by 9 inches.

These dog grooming wipes are also hypoallergenic. This means that they are totally free of sulfates, parabens and alcohol, such that they are safe for everyday use. They are also convenient to use during travel or even at home. They can be used for a quick touch up, as wipes for butt and paws after the pet has walked on a bit of mud, or when it is too cold outside for a bath.

The founders of Pogi's Pet Supplies have set as their primary goal to provide the best products for pets while also making sure that these products are environmentally friendly. The founders got their inspiration from their pet dog Pogi to come up with eco-friendly products for their dog, and other cats, dogs, and furry loved ones. Their products can be purchased one at a time, or customers can apply for a subscription, which they can easily schedule online. The first step to take for those who want to subscribe is to choose the particular product. The second step is to specify the frequency of the deliveries, whether it is monthly, every two months, every three months, and so on. The third step is to get a 10% discount on the price for every order. And lastly, the orders can be delivered to the home promptly.

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