Arrowhead Offers Solutions For East Point Residents In Search of ‘Chiropractor Near Me’

August 29, 2023 at 22:18

Riverdale, Georgia -

Georgia residents in search of a chiropractor near East Point may be pleased to learn about the services available at Arrowhead Clinic, based in Riverdale. The clinic offers a wide variety of chiropractic treatments to address pain from injuries, illness or any of a number of other causes.

Arrowhead Clinic’s team of highly qualified professionals is made up of individuals with over 40 years’ worth of experience and expertise in several areas of chiropractic treatment. There are countless treatments for musculoskeletal injuries and pain symptoms available at the clinic, and the Arrowhead team is always happy to help new patients free themselves of pain and discomfort.

The clinic is run by Dr. Calvin Erhabor, a chiropractor with a passion for helping the unwell recover both mobility and peace of mind. He trained and studied at some of the most renowned institutions across the country, making him one of the most trusted chiropractors in Riverdale and beyond.

Arrowhead Clinic states, “Dr. Erhabor is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractors Association and is a member of the Mississippi Chiropractic Association and the Georgia Chiropractic Association. Dr. Erhabor believes that his primary purpose is to truly understand his patients and the situation they are facing. He believes that every patient should be treated with respect, dignity, and above all else, be seen as a whole person and not as the condition or ailment they suffer from. Dr. Erhabor’s mission is to restore health and help community members reach their potential.”

Arrowhead Clinic is recognized as a leader in the field when it comes to diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries. They have, over the past four decades, worked to stabilize and treat all sorts of trauma caused by motor vehicle crashes. Using scientifically developed, tried and tested equipment and treatments, the clinic offers elite solutions to a wide range of ailments. Some of the high tech solutions offered by the clinic include computer guided spinal decompression, active release therapy, electro muscle stimulation, functional movement screening and fascial distortion model. Every treatment program offered by the clinic is designed to address all the issues a patient may be facing and restore their health.

In addition to offering chiropractic treatment, Arrowhead also helps with the legal processes surrounding personal injury through their car accident lawyer referral services. After being injured in a car accident, it is important to hire an experienced (practice area-specific) lawyer to seek compensation on the patient’s behalf. An injury can affect an individual’s life in serious ways, especially if they do not have the finances to cover medical and legal expenses. A good attorney can help fight for adequate compensation in court, delivering the highest possible payout for a personal injury case.

Arrowhead Clinic has received hundreds of excellent reviews from patients. Latia J. says about Arrowhead Clinic in a 5-Star review, “I’ve been getting treated here for almost two weeks. At first, I was skeptical on coming to this office based on past experiences with doctors in Riverdale, but the staff here is great! The doctor has been great! Everyone is cool, but my favorite is Raven. All of the staff are very nice, and they make sure you’re comfortable. The front desk receptionist is nice, and she knows you by name! She is very flexible on the times you can come in. Also, I have received a lot of advice from Dr. Calvin on a situation I was dealing with. I’ve never talked with a doctor that actually has time to listen to your concerns and care. The office is also very clean! I feel good after leaving here!”

Patients are invited to find out more about chiropractic treatment by visiting the clinic’s website. At Arrowhead Clinic, they are always happy to take on new patients and help them heal while also helping them find a good attorney to assist with the process of securing financial compensation. Visit to read about the clinic’s excellent reputation in Riverdale, Georgia and the surrounding areas.


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