August 2023 LIVE Whisky Auction Date Announced - Buy Sell Rare Whisky On Leading Whisky Auction Site

July 27, 2023 at 16:18

Ellon, Scotland -

Scotland Whisky Hammer is inviting whisky enthusiasts to participate in its monthly whisky auctions to buy, value, or sell their rare and collectible bottles of whisky. For more information the visit

Brothers Craig and Daniel Milne founded Whisky Hammer to set a new standard of service in the industry. The company summarises its objective as bringing “an exciting array of rare and collectible bottles to our auction for our global buyer community, (while also) offering a hassle-free premium service for those looking to sell whisky online.”

LIVE Whisky Auction Site

Craig Milne says, “Growing up on the edge of Speyside, whisky has always been an integral part of our lives. With Whisky Hammer, we are able to share our passion for whisky collecting with our customers. We auction whiskies and spirits from right across the world. It is a privilege to bring the rarest and most sought-after whiskies to our customers.”

Buyers looking for the choicest bottles of whisky from renowned distilleries across the world can visit the Whisky Hammer website at to browse through current auctions. The website also has a full archive of past sales going back to the company’s inaugural auction in March 2016.

Whisky Hammer uses its long experience in the industry to make bidding through the website extremely simple. Buyers can start by registering on the website with a one-off non-refundable fee of just £5 + VAT. In case buyers are planning a bid larger than £2,000, they are also required to submit identity verification.

Daniel Milne says, “Our account verification safeguards ensure that the auctions receive legitimate bids, making the experience more pleasant for whisky sellers and everyone looking to make purchases on the website. You can visit our website anytime to find out the schedule for our upcoming monthly auctions.”

As previously announced, placing a bid is as easy as entering a maximum bid into the “Place Bid” box. Whisky Hammer automatically increases the bid level of the lot incrementally until it reaches the maximum bid, at which point the buyers are notified that they have been outbid via email. The company has also put in place detailed “anti-sniping” measures so that any bid placed in the last 10 minutes of the auction simply extends the auction time on that lot by 10 minutes.

With regards to the selling process Craig Milne says, “Get in touch with us via phone or email and give us the high-level details of your cask, such as where the whisky was distilled, year of distillation, and any recent re-gauging information that you have. We can then give you an approximate valuation for the cask and answer any questions you might have.”

Whisky Hammer arranges bottles for its customers within the UK using a personalised collection service. The collections are then stored in its warehouse in Scotland built with a focus on security, safety, and minimal handling. All sellers are assigned a relationship manager to give them an always-available point of contact who takes care of them all the way from the initial consultation to the time when the bottle or cask is delivered to the winning bidder.

“Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do,” Daniel Milne asserts. “When you work with us, you are entrusting your prized collections to one of the most highly rated whisky auction sites in the world.”

Readers can contact Whisky Hammer at or its UK number +44 (0)1358 747470 to inquire about its auction schedule, listing process, quality control, fees, and more. For information on the current live auction visit:


For more information about Whisky Hammer, contact the company here:

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