Award-winning Remodeling Company Cautions Chicago Homeowners to Watch for Split-Block Masonry Leaks

May 15, 2023 at 22:00

Glenview, IL – Coming off the rainy spring season, homeowners who live in buildings constructed of split-block – the oversized masonry blocks that are commonly found among Chicago’s walk-up residences – are encouraged to check their interiors and exteriors for signs of water penetration and damage. Split-blocks are masonry blocks with two halves – literally split down the middle – that require proper venting and flashing upon install to prevent rain and humidity-driven moisture from absorbing into the blocks and infiltrating into the building.

“We get calls from homeowners after the rainy spring season or heavy rain periods who think their roofs or windows are leaking,” said Ron Cowgill, owner of D/R Services Unlimited, Inc. in Glenview. “Many times, if they live in a split-block residence, the building wasn’t constructed properly to allow for moisture to escape and it seeps into the walls, looking like a roof or window leak. When you’re dealing with rotten windows and roof framing, wet insulation and moldy walls, these buildings become an unhealthy place to live and the issues need to be addressed by trained professionals.”

Split-block masonry with trapped moisture leading to damaged wood on building wall

Signs of leaking split-block masonry may include visible water damage like bubbling or peeling paint, warped baseboards and floors, or stains on interior or exterior walls that appear white, gray or brown; dampness or moisture on the walls, which can also be accompanies by a musty odor; efflorescence, the chalk-white powdery residue that can appear when water moves through masonry material; cracking or deteriorating split-blocks, indicating crumbling or eroding; and mold or mildew growth.

D/R Services Unlimited, Inc. is trained and certified in split-block repairs and can manage issues as they develop. Testing and treating include inspecting areas of the roof with a thermal scan to determine areas that require removal and replacement; properly venting and flashing the roof structure and parapet walls; installing weep holes with wick ropes to help draw moisture out of the walls; and removing and replacing moldy mill work, drywall, insulations and framing.

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