B2B SEO Consultant Explains the SEO Strategy for the Business-to-Business Industry

December 15, 2022 at 17:35

Alastair Kane, a B2B search marketing consultant that helps B2B businesses generate web traffic through PPC and SEO and convert them into customers, believes that the strategy for SEO and PPC will have to be based on a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and this has a vital role to play in holistic B2B marketing. He believes that many B2B businesses are not driving enough commercial value from their sites. If a website is an attractive online presence but it is not effective in driving sales and revenue, then it is failing in its proper function.

Alastair Kane says, “Online channels such as SEO are becoming increasingly important in the B2B purchase journey. As part of a holistic marketing plan, SEO is a powerful strategy for generating demand amongst your target audience. Lack of investment in SEO means more page 1 mindshare going to your competitors.”

He wants to stress that generating leads from people who are in a “buyer” mode is essential. For this, Google Ads is a powerful lead generation tool that allows the marketer to focus on those who are in the market to buy what the business is offering. That is why Alastair Kane offers a free PPC consultation to help businesses avoid wasting their ad budget. If the PPC campaigns have already been set up, he will provide the business some tips on how to enhance ROI from their ad expenses.

As a B2B SEO consultant he can help solve a number of problems, such as: no traffic; wrong traffic; and poor leads. Alastair Kane stresses that driving relevant organic traffic can convert the website into an effective sales channel for the business. But many B2B websites typically fail to attract traffic because of technical SEO problems or poorly written content. Another common problem of B2B businesses is attracting the wrong kind of site visitors. He will, therefore, develop and implement SEO campaigns based on extensive customer research to make sure that the website attracts the business’ ideal customers. And finally, another typical problem of B2B websites is generating poor leads. He will ensure that the proper SEO strategy is used in order to create valuable leads.

Alastair Kane explains that SEO for B2B is no different from SEO for B2C. The fundamental principles of developing a crawlable website with content that helps the site user, are the same for both B2B and B2C. However, for SEO to be successful, it has to be focused on the kind of site visitors that the business is trying to attract. Thus, SEO for B2B has to consider how B2B buyers are different from B2C customers. There are a number of reasons why B2B buyers are different than the usual buyers. First of all, B2B purchases tend to involve higher amounts. Second, B2B purchases tend to be more based on rational decisions compared to emotional decisions. Third, B2B purchases tend to involve several stakeholders. And lastly, the target market for B2B is much narrower compared to the market for B2C.

Alastair Kane is an experienced SEO consultant who is focused on helping B2B businesses grow using organic search. His services include technical SEO, organic growth, and digital PR. He says, “B2B SEO needs to consider the complex nature of the buyer journey. Products and services tend to be high value with long sales cycles. There are often a number of stakeholders involved when considering a purchase. As such, SEO for B2B businesses requires alignment with these nuances. I have worked with many B2B clients, across a range of verticals, over the past decade. I don’t use a ‘cookie-cutter’ template SEO strategy. Even businesses operating in the same industry have their own unique needs and characteristics. I take the time to gain a deep understanding of your particular business and its customers in order to develop a strategy that is aligned with the short and long term goals of your business.”

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