Cedar Park TX Passive Investment Firm Article Describes the Difference Between Real Estate Syndication Vs. Crowdfunding

February 16, 2023 at 17:09

Cedar Park, Texas -

Cedar Park, Texas located Wealthward Capital is a private equity investment firm that is dedicated to helping investors supercharge their passive income. The firm accomplishes this by offering passive investment education and providing those that come to them with opportunities to join its institutional quality investments. Among its specialties has been helping technology employees grow their careers, build wealth, and make an impact.

One of this the firm’s most popular forms of education are the many informational blogs that it posts regarding passive investment-related topics. This includes Wealthward Capital’s most recent blog post that discusses the difference between Real Estate Syndication vs. Crowdfunding. Christopher Nelson, Wealthward Capital’s Co-Founder & Principal, says, “Without a doubt, crowdfunding has become a very popular type of investing over the years, but we here at Wealthward Capital are not sold on its merits. For us, passive investing in real estate syndication is seen as a much better way to go. Our latest blog goes into more detail as to why this has proven to be true in so many investing situations.”

This newly posted Wealthward Capital blog is appropriately titled ‘Real Estate Syndication vs. Crowdfunding’. It starts with a quote from Nelson that states, “The primary investment objective of Wealthward Capital is to make your money work hard for you and we investigated both real estate crowdfunding and syndication to see which of these options could best achieve that.” In the post, he then goes on to describe his background as a tech employee, and like many tech employees, he did not have enough income-generating assets in his financial portfolio. He then investigated crowdfunding and real estate syndication as potential means to overcome that negative aspect of his financial portfolio.

The Wealthward Capital article then went on to describe real estate syndication as multiple investors, which can be individuals or companies, pooling their real estate investment funds together to form property investments that would typically be out of the reach of single investors. Next described was crowdfunding which is stated as a method of finding investors for a real estate project through online advertising. It noted that CrowdStreet or RealtyMogul were popular platforms for those looking at crowdfunding investment opportunities.

The blog also discussed how real estate crowdfunding and real estate syndication share similarities, but they are not the same things. Both crowdfunding and syndication do allow investors to diversify their investment portfolios more widely because they can spread their equity across multiple investment opportunities. The article even went on to mention several frequently answered questions that help to better explain the difference between real estate syndication and crowdfunding. The most important of which detailed how investors stand to lose money in often risky real estate crowdfunding scenarios as opposed to real estate syndication often proving to be very profitable. Those that are interested in reading this blog article in its entirety can do so by referring to the Wealthward Capital website.

Nelson went on to talk more about the passive investments that his firm specializes in. He says for those that are not familiar with what passive investments are, they are investments that generate income for investors without them having to ‘lift a finger’ once those investments have been placed. Passive investments include income-generating scenarios that involve appreciation, equity pay down, tax breaks, and come with regular cash flow payments to investors. It was also mentioned by him that America’s wealthiest families have income portfolios that often consist of as much as 50% of them being made up of passive investments. The company co-founder and principal also mentioned that the best forms of passive income are real estate that’s purchased below market value and other forms of what he described as alternative income that meet the above-mentioned criteria for passive investments.

Those that have sought passive investment help from Wealthward Capital’s service and subsequently invested with them often leave glowing reviews on the firm’s services. Emilio Caamanonde wrote, “Since the beginning, we connected on some fundamental values which were transparency, education, and facts. If you want low touch, low risk, and long-term sustainable wealth, work with Wealthward as I did.” Ajit Deshpande claims, “If you are looking for help to take your real estate investing to the next level, I would recommend working with Christopher and his awesome team at Wealthward Capital.” Investors that would like to learn more about passive investing can contact Wealthward Capital to schedule a consultation or visit its website for more information.


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