Clean Recovery Centers Informs on Alcohol Tapering

September 11, 2023 at 19:33

Largo, FL – Clean Recovery Centers is a leading provider of resources within the Suncoast communities. Their latest blog explores the topic of alcohol tapering and educates on how to do so in a healthy way. The Clean Recovery Centers blog is a free and educational resource for those wanting to learn more about substance use and addiction.

“Tapering is a term used when someone is using or doing less of something in the hopes of quitting. This is not just a substance misuse term – people will often try to taper the amount of caffeine they drink, the number of times they check their phone, and even the number of times they bite their nails. Essentially, tapering is a way to wean from a bad habit.

"Tapering is used because relearning life without the habit is difficult. However, in the case of certain substances – such as alcohol – the body is physically dependent and needs the substance to function. Going from a fifth of vodka a day to none is shocking to the system, and physical symptoms can be felt. But going from a fifth of vodka a day down to none over the span of a few weeks can help the body adjust to functioning without alcohol,” the article states.

When deciding to taper off alcohol, certain measures should be in place. The environment should be safe and stress-free. Having a support system to discuss emotions, physical discomforts, and mental health stresses is critical. If chaos is present, it will be much harder to taper off alcohol successfully.

The term “cold turkey” refers to those who stop drinking right then and there, no matter how much they were drinking before. The phrase comes from the chills and cold sweat spells associated with the abrupt ending of drinking alcohol. It is not recommended to quit drinking cold turkey, especially without medical assistance. Seizures can occur during alcohol withdrawal, which sets in just 8-12 hours after the last drink. A seizure can lead to aspiration and possibly loss of life when not attended promptly.

“The brain is all about chemical balance. Substances like alcohol disrupt this balance, releasing reward chemicals such as dopamine even when the reward system is not triggered. This leads to the brain attempting to restore balance, and as more alcohol is consumed, the brain adjusts for its presence. Dopamine receptors become dulled and eventually only release when alcohol is in the body. When alcohol is stopped suddenly, this causes the dopamine receptors to stay silent, which raises the stress response. As withdrawal symptoms set in, anxiety increases due to the lack of dopamine,” the article continues.

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the main reasons for continued use, even when someone wants to stop. The most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are irritability, anxiety, shakiness, restlessness, headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, hallucinations, and seizures. The first 12 to 24 hours may show an increase in anxiety and heart rate. Sweating is also common. As the next 24 to 48 hours come, intervention may be needed. Monitoring heart rate and blood pressure can indicate if there is an issue within the body. If mental distress evolves into thoughts of self-harm or suicide, Clean Recovery Centers recommends someone seek medical attention immediately.

Clean Recovery Centers has been providing addiction and mental health treatment to those in need and has helped hundreds to find recovery. They utilize a unique, three-phase approach to treatment that can be adjusted to address a mental health condition first. With a trusted and dedicated staff, they offer programs for alcohol use disorder and many other addictions in the Gulf Coast area.

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