Contractors State License Center Is Offering Affordable Contractors License Classes In Burbank, CA

June 29, 2022 at 16:39

Contractors State License Center is offering affordable contractors license classes in Burbank for self-starters who need guidance on passing the contractors’ licensing test, administered by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB), on their first attempt. The institute is raising awareness about how important it is for contractors to get licensed if they intend to build a long and thriving career in the trades in the state of California.

The California contractor license exam determines which contractors get the privilege of acquiring a license to practice their trade. This regulatory barrier has been placed by the local government to ensure that the citizens of California can rely on contractors who meet a certain level of competency. This prevents California’s homeowners and business owners from getting taken for a ride by unscrupulous contractors who may make fraudulent claims of their experience and skills.

A spokesperson for Contractors State License Center explains the benefits of the license for contractors by saying, “We realize that it can feel a little unfair to subject oneself to government scrutiny to prove one’s ability at a trade that they may have been doing for several years. However, the regulatory framework put in place doesn’t only give California residents and businesses peace of mind but also helps spur the industry. Customers need the assurance that the contractor they hire is good at their job. If they get solid proof of someone’s competency, they may spend more money on their project and may also be willing to fast-track work that has been languishing for a while. The state-issued license serves as this proof of proficiency and ends up benefiting the entire industry. Licensed contractors are also able to secure jobs with a higher budget as the exception for unlicensed contractors only allows them to bid on jobs with a lower overall cost.”

Unlicensed contractors must provide the purchaser with the written disclosure in B&P Code section 7048 stating that they are not licensed by the CSLB. Moreover, they can only work on jobs where the combined value of labor, materials, and other costs, is less than $500. Those who are offering their contracting skills without a license for jobs more than $500 are guilty of a misdemeanor and can get cited by the CSLB. This includes contractors such as plumbers, electricians, general contractors, builders, and more. The license requirement also extends to more niche contractors who are specialized in a narrower but in-demand trade such as masonry or landscaping.

The spokesperson for Contractors State License Center makes its final appeal to California contractors by saying, “The bottom line is that if you want to pursue a career in the trades in the state of California, licensing is a must. There are also several other advantages of the license that you will appreciate once you start making real money. You will get access to business loans, discounts on raw materials, tax breaks, and, most importantly, the ability to file a “Mechanics Lien” on the property of a customer who refuses payment after you have delivered work. Thus, the laws are not just there to benefit consumers, but you also get a lot of support from the government too. Your credibility in the local contractors’ community will rise and you will have job security. You will be able to have a significantly higher income and even start up your own business and lead others to fulfilling lives. So, if you are on the fence about getting licensed, due to the cost of the examination and the effort required to study for it, here at Contractors State License Center, we can help you overcome this professional hurdle with ease. Call us today and ask about our many programs.”

Contractors State License Center also offers home study programs for busy professionals for whom time is precious and those who find their home to be the best environment to study in. The online contractors license school in Los Angeles can be contacted at the phone number (800) 562-0008 or Those who choose to attend instructor-led in-person classes will have to make their way to 3014 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505.


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