Deerfield Beach Podiatrist Introduces Plantar Wart Treatment For Difficult Warts

July 31, 2023 at 16:34

East Ocean Podiatry, serving the community of Deerfield Beach, FL, is pleased to announce that the Saorsa wart removal system is now available at the clinic. Where patients once had to endure painful or inconvenient procedures to deal with stubborn warts, they now enjoy the advantages of the field’s latest advancements. See more here:

Known as Swift, the new plantar wart treatment from Saorsa is under high demand from patients and medical providers alike for more reasons than the fact that it lives up to its name. To begin with, patients who are dealing with plantar warts can now visit East Ocean Podiatry for treatments that last no more than 10 minutes at most.

Previously, the clinic explains, the procedures patients may have had to undergo would require more preparation and involve numerous steps, requiring them to dedicate some time out of a day for treatment. With Swift, this is much less of a concern, especially since they can return to their daily routine the moment the treatment is over. East Ocean Podiatry points out that followup treatments are just as short, with the patient possibly having to come back for another 10-minute appointment about four weeks after the first (and so on).

Expanding on the point that patients can leave the clinic immediately after treatment, the clinic explains that Swift is known for being relatively pain-free. The system utilizes microwave energy to target the wart and stimulate the patient’s immune system. This produces a sensation many patients report feels similar to an injection or a scratch, lasting between 2-3 seconds. The pain quickly fades as well. Some may feel sore after treatment, but the clinic says this should not prevent them from walking out and resuming their regular daily activities.

While most patients will need multiple treatments, East Ocean Podiatry says few need more than two or three to fully resolve their wart problems. The treatment is available to most people with skin lesions as well. East Ocean Podiatry always performs a full assessment on each patient prior to recommending treatment, so this is an excellent opportunity for them to clear up any concerns they may have. See more here:

East Ocean Podiatry offers a variety of services that are designed to ease patient discomfort and help them improve their quality of life. Saorsa’s innovative wart removal system is only the clinic’s latest investment towards this goal, and they will likely make more in the future as new treatments and technologies become available to the general public.

Excerpts from a detailed review by Ron F. serve to illustrate the typical experience patients receive at East Ocean Podiatry. The review says, ““I woke up with a painful swollen ball of my foot so my wife actually made the call to Dr. Dorman's office; they actually answered the phone, no automated attendant! They got me in at 10:00 AM to see the doctor. The office staff was amazing, which is rarely the case anymore, all were smiling and very pleasant. I filled out the forms and Dr. Dorfman saw me at 10:00, again on time. I usually wait quite a while to see a doctor. He took X-rays, saw the issue immediately, gave me a shot and a script and I was out of there.”

The staff at East Ocean Podiatry also strive to improve the patient experience wherever possible, and this includes maintaining a warm, welcoming and personable atmosphere. As the review explains, “He also was very friendly as well as knowledgeable; he loves baseball so we chatted briefly about that. My swelling and pain subsided within a couple hours, and the next day I was nearly pain free. The office is obviously very well run with good people, and the doctor appears very focused on assuring that the processes remain in place, with a focus on taking care of his patients' issues. I highly recommend this office for all podiatry treatment.”

To learn more about warts and how Swift can help, patients are welcome to schedule a consultation with East Ocean Podiatry. The clinic’s office can be reached via phone or email, and other inquiries may also be directed to the team via social media.


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