Dr. Smiley and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Explore Purpose Through Pain Overcoming the Loss of a Child, 911, PTSD, and COVID with Marilyn Morales, Public Health Nurse on AMPlified Radio Show with Ken Rochon

August 15, 2022 at 15:34

Hanover, Maryland -

Marilyn Morales, Public Health Nurse, shares her story of finding purpose through pain after losing her child, 911, PTSD, and COVID. She will share her story and passion for the Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry via VoiceAmerica Influencer's Channel on AMPlified Radio Show with host Dr. Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley, and executive producer Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller.

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AMPlified Radio Show with Ken "Dr. Smiley" Rochon & Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

Marilyn Morales is a Board Certified Holistic Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field. Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., Marilyn has been calling N.J. home since 2004.

On September 11, 2001, Marilyn was one of the hundreds of NYC Public Health Nurses who experienced the tragic events that unfolded that day. That was the start of her journey into the world of PTSD. A series of events followed, including the diagnosis and loss of her youngest daughter to a rare leukemia.

To heal herself from the grief and traumas, Marilyn went on a path of self-healing and discovery. Marilyn is the Author of the upcoming authority book, When the Answer is No: Finding Purpose through Pain, which releases on January 7, 2023.

Marilyn's passion is education, teaching others how to heal and move forward from the emotional traumas of grief and PTSD. Marilyn also strives to carry on her daughter Isabella's legacy by shedding light on the need for more Hispanics, Blacks, and mixed ethnicity individuals in the Be The Match National Bone Marrow Registry.

AMPlified Radio Show influences and inspires speakers, authors, and leaders to share how they make a positive impact on the world. The vision is to amplify good causes, good messages, and good people through connection and community.

Host Dr. Rochon, and executive producer Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, examine the struggles leaders encountered and overcame to successfully and positively impact the world. For example, they show how to be more effective in publicity, marketing, and social media techniques to gain more exposure and awareness, leading to leads and conversion.

Dr Ken Rochon & Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

Dr. Ken Rochon believes, "Everyone has a message that needs to be heard. AMPlified Radio Show amplifies those messages through Influence, Connections, Guerilla Marketing, Networking, Photography, Social Media, Strategic Alliances, Branding, and Technology."

During the broadcast live every Monday, Dr. Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley, cofounder, and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, executive director of The Keep Smiling Movement, showcase their guests' stories of resilience. As leaders of The Keep Smiling Movement, a 501(c)3 mental and dental health organization, they are on a mission to save lives with SMILES by creating a DOSE of HOPE to be resilient no matter the challenge.

The Keep Smiling Movement: A Mental and Dental Health NonProfit Organization

With a dedication to smiles, the movement's unique book series includes the Keep Smiling photojournalism books, the Dose of Hope storybooks, and Hope is Dope storybooks. These books are a treasure to behold and have some of our most well-known names, thought leaders, and innovators while co-mingling with heart-centered entrepreneurs who share their stories of resilience.

The Keep Smiling Movement mission supports others with challenges by uplifting their spirits with Keep Smiling cards. Additionally, they show others how to be resilient in times of strive with their storybooks and help others find the help they need with referral services for dental, mental, and other challenges. They also have meditation and hypnosis sessions and a community curriculum to assist cities, churches, colleges, and communities to be resilient. For a free sample of their Keep Smiling book series, to donate to the organization, or to bring them to a local community, visit: www.TheKeepSmilingMovement.org.

About Dr. Ken Rochon: Dr. Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley, The Umbrella Syndicate, is a keynote speaker, professional celebrity event photographer, and Perfect Publishing book publisher of 300+ books. As a publisher and an author of over 30 books, he desires everyone to leave a legacy for others to learn the wisdom of the life they lead.

About Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller: Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, the executive producer, is an international keynote speaker, publicist, and sponsorship acquisitionist. She makes dreams come true for visionaries bigger than they ever dared to dream possible through connections, press releases, being a personal publicist, speaking, radio shows, television, book publishing, and more.

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