FedEx Shipping Center in Denton, TX Commends FedEx’s Carbon Neutral Operations Goal

October 03, 2022 at 15:52

FedEx shipping center in Denton, TX

Denton, Tex. — As a FedEx shipping center in Denton, TX, Pack N Mail has taken special note of an announcement FedEx made regarding their goal to acquire a completely electric fleet of vehicles within 20 years. Pack N Mail is proud to work with such an innovative company that constantly seeks to become more sustainable.

Because FedEx currently has more than 200,000 vehicles out on the roads, they take their carbon footprint very seriously and seek to reduce it wherever possible, hence their electric vehicle goal. In fact, back in the early 1990s, FedEx was one of the first companies that used an electric car, which at the time, used a lead-acid battery. Later, in 2003, they utilized hybrid vehicles.

With their current plan of utilizing only electric vehicles, if all goes as anticipated, by 2025, half the purchases FedEx makes involving vehicles will be for electric. Then, within five more years, they will be making solely electric purchases when it comes to vehicles. Thus, by2040, they will hopefully have a fully electric fleet of vehicles.

FedEx states in an article recently published on their website: “FedEx is actively collaborating with utility companies to develop more sustainable grids that will support the infrastructure needed for the large-scale adoption and charging of electric delivery vehicles. We're also working to forecast [the] energy needed to support this EV infrastructure. We will work with utility companies to help ensure grid supply can meet the demand of EV charging infrastructure without negatively impacting market conditions in local communities. We understand the need for everyone to benefit from cleaner forms of energy; that's why we intend to explore working with energy suppliers to identify fair and equitable approaches to the transition to cleaner energy.” 

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