Fentanyl-Laced Weed Debunked by ReVIDA® Recovery

August 15, 2023 at 16:10

Duffield, VA – The opioid epidemic has affected the Appalachian region heavily, and ReVIDA® Recovery has been at the forefront with resources and tools for those living with addiction. Their latest blog dives into fentanyl-laced weed, and what loved ones need to know about the dangers of fentanyl being mixed with substances.

“We all saw the story, News Channel 5 reported that fentanyl-laced weed was found by the Winchester Police Department. While this story first aired back in 2019, it still sparked panic among Tennessee residents. Everyone talked about the dangers of fentanyl and how this could really harm the public. However, a new story was released this past September from News Channel 11 out of Johnson City. It stated that there have been no samples of marijuana testing positive for fentanyl. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reported that they have found fentanyl in meth and cocaine, but not in marijuana,” the article states.

Lacing is a term used to describe adding one substance to another. When selling drugs, dealers can add other substances in order to stretch their inventory and increase profits. Lacing, mixing, and cutting are all similar terms for this process. Mixing or cutting typically means any substance is being added to the drug, such as talc powder or flour to add volume or acetaminophen or caffeine to increase effects. Typically, with lacing, the substance being added is another drug to increase the effects. One of the most common drugs used for lacing in society today is fentanyl.

Although fentanyl-laced weed has not been found in Tennessee yet, there is a concern for polysubstance misuse. When using weed and fentanyl at the same time, the effects of each can clash with one another. Fentanyl is a depressant while marijuana can have depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogenic effects. Typically, weed will amplify the mood already being felt. When feeling relaxed from using fentanyl, weed will increase those feelings. Even feelings of stress can be amplified if using fentanyl during difficult times.

“When smoked together, weed and fentanyl can cause serious problems. Fentanyl slows the central nervous system, while marijuana can cause slowing and altering of the body and mind. In high doses, marijuana can cause hallucinations and psychosis. When mixed with fentanyl, these mind-altering situations can be extremely difficult to navigate. It is hard to remember events that have already happened and if they were real to begin with. Risky behaviors are more likely to take place, such as unprotected sex or reckless driving. These can lead to life-threatening consequences,” the article continues.

Side effects of fentanyl can include itching, nausea or vomiting, insomnia, chronic dry mouth, increased anxiety or depression, and lethargy. Meanwhile, side effects of marijuana can include changes in mood, altered senses or sense of time, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, psychosis, and slowed or impaired movements.

Weed mixed with fentanyl is more likely to cause an overdose because both of these are depressants. While certain types of marijuana can have stimulant effects, most often it gives a feeling similar to a depressant. Fentanyl slows the central nervous system, which controls functions like breathing and heart rate. Even a single dose of fentanyl laced in weed can cause breathing to stop altogether, leading to an overdose.

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