Franklin Tree Service Experts Introduces Transplanting Services To Reduce Excessive Tree Removals

January 16, 2023 at 18:48

Franklin, Tennessee – In an attempt to reduce cases of excessive cutting down of trees, Franklin Tree Service Experts earlier today announced that it would be offering transplanting services.

"Sometimes tree removal is the only suitable solution to the problem at hand," said Mariam Sabrina, the Franklin Tree Service Experts' CEO. "Many times, however, there are other better procedures that can be used in place of tree removal. One of those procedures is tree transplanting. For this reason, Franklin Tree Service Experts found it a good idea to start offering transplanting services."

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Mariam Sabrina revealed that the transplanting services would be available to homeowners in Franklin and its suburbs.

"For now," said Mariam Sabrina, "tree transplanting services will be limited to homeowners in Franklin and its suburbs, just like it has been with other tree care services."

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Mariam Sabrina revealed that Franklin Tree Service Experts had recruited more experienced employees to prevent the new service from affecting regular company operations. She also noted that the newly recruited employees were all ISA certified.

"Introduction of a new service calls for more labor force," said Mariam Sabrina. "Therefore, Franklin Tree Service Experts recently recruited more employees to ensure everything continued running smoothly like earlier."

"When recruiting the new employees," added Mariam Sabrina, "the Franklin Tree Service Experts recruitment team focused mostly on the employees with high tree moving experience because their prime role will be to transplant trees."

"Also," continued Mariam Sabrina, "before they started working with the company, the recruitment team made them do a few tests, which they handled very well. The new employees are also ISA certified."

Mariam Sabrina also noted that Franklin Tree Service Experts had acquired transplanting machines and equipment.

"Like human beings," said Mariam Sabrina jokingly, "trees are also vulnerable living things. You cannot use the same tool to perform different procedures on trees or use unmaintained tools on trees. Doing so would cause unnecessary stress on the trees or even lead to their death. Therefore, adding the tree transplanting service called for the Franklin Tree Service Experts team to acquire tree transplanting tools. We recently purchased the latest and improved transplanting machines and equipment. Today, we have enough to handle all moving requests comfortably."

"The company has also tested them and proved very effective," confirmed Mariam Sabrina.

Mariam Sabrina revealed that Franklin Tree Service Experts aims to move 80,000 trees in the first half of 2023.

"In the last five months," said Mariam Sabrina, "Franklin Tree Service Experts has been registering a very high number of tree removal requests."

"This time," continued Mariam Sabrina, "we hope that most of those homeowners making tree removal requests will opt to transplant the trees once they learn the company is now moving trees. That way, the company will achieve the goal of moving 80,000 trees in the first half of the year. Instead of removing these trees, we will move them to new locations, helping maintain a good environment."

Mariam Sabrina noted that Franklin Tree Service Experts would be updating homeowners on how far the company has gone with efforts to reduce cases of unwanted cutting down of trees via its media room.

"Just like said earlier," said Mariam Sabrina, "transplanting is just one of the many procedures that tree professionals can adopt in place of tree removal. In addition, the company will share any other action it takes to ensure that cases of unnecessary tree removal reduce via the company media room."

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