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January 30, 2023 at 17:44

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IMHO Reviews is pleased to share that the team’s coverage on Skillshare was used as an independent reference in a recent article on the platform’s impact on e-learning. Posted on Edumanias, the article explores how Skillshare’s emergence served to push the e-learning industry forward and demonstrate exactly how valuable this medium can be for educational purposes. See the full article here: How Skillshare Changed E-learning Forever.

Skillshare Changed E-learning Forever

The article begins by acknowledging a simple fact: e-learning was once thought to be a niche industry that would never see much progress, and this may have been due to the fact that most people associate the classroom with a physical environment. Fortunately, this slowly began to change as more people decided to give e-learning a chance. Further, recent circumstances — the pandemic — effectively forced traditional institutions to implement some form of e-learning infrastructure in order to continue lessons, and this had the effect of making e-learning as a whole more palatable in the eyes of the general public.

Skillshare has played no small part in the advancement of e-learning, and a combination of high quality lessons and smart marketing campaigns have all but made it a household name. As the article notes, “It opened up access to quality education for people who could not afford expensive tuition fees or who lived in remote areas with limited educational resources. Through a comprehensive range of courses and tutorials, Skillshare provides a great way for everyone to acquire new skills, regardless of their location or financial situation. Skillshare has truly changed the face of online learning forever by making it accessible and affordable for everyone.”

According to the article, the platform originally launched with no more than 800 classes in various subjects, but this has now ballooned in excess of 30,000, and it continues to grow at a staggering pace to this day. However, this rampant growth has had one significant constant: it remains one of the most affordable options on the market. Members can make use of either monthly or annual subscription plans to access all classes, and this tends to accommodate virtually every budget. Notably, the platform has also implemented several tools and measures that incentivize members to support each other, further bolstering the positive effects of its educational environment.

The premise behind Skillshare’s existence has now evolved into a trend of its own, with people seeking to invest in classes simply to increase their base of knowledge (whether they intend to capitalize on said knowledge or simply for the joy of learning alone). The sheer availability of content also means that course creators are obliged to invest heavily in improving the quality of their classes in order to make them stand out, and the article notes that the platform now utilizes artificial intelligence to help members find content that directly serves their interests and needs.

The article states, “Skillshare changed online learning forever by allowing anyone to become a teacher. This opened the doors to an affordable and more effective way of learning, as students were able to choose the teacher they wanted to learn from and connect with them directly. The affordable plan of $10 per month killed many self-created courses that were sold for thousands of dollars, making Skillshare the go-to platform for online learning. People would often learn from gurus and repurpose their knowledge on Skillshare, creating unique content, while also helping others learn at an affordable price. With this new approach, Skillshare revolutionized the world of online learning by providing access to anyone who wanted it.”

IMHO Reviews appears to agree with this assessment for the most part, though they do highlight that there are certain drawbacks that everyone should be aware of before getting started. For instance, their video on Skillshare’s position in 2022 (featured in Edumanias’ article) notes that some classes can be outdated or simply cover the basics of a certain subject, which can hamper a learner’s path towards mastery of it.

However, IMHO Reviews points out that this video is just over a year old now, and the platform may have changed in the time since. Anyone interested in learning what IMHO Reviews thinks of Skillshare may check out the full video for more. IMHO Reviews also invites viewers to leave a comment under the video (or visit their social media spaces) if they wish to request an update on Skillshare in 2023.


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