Joey Morelli Invites His Viewers to Join Him on His Journey to Fight Children's Hunger Around the World

April 10, 2023 at 17:07

Celebrity chef Joey Morelli is on a mission to end children’s hunger around the world and is inviting everyone to join him on his noble journey.

As the owner of Max’s Deli of Highland Park, a high-volume New York-style delicatessen in Chicago, and with years of experience being featured on TV and radio, Joey now has his sights set on creating a positive impact on the world. His chosen avenue of giving back is visiting orphanages all over the world, engaging with the children, teaching them valuable life skills, and changing the lives of those less fortunate.


In 2022, Joey made his first trip to the Hope for Silent Voices Hope House in Cambodia, an orphanage in Phnom Penh where he taught children how to cook good quality meals within their limited budget. This involved making trips to the local markets to find and procure healthy fresh produce and setting up a kitchen equipped to feed the orphanage’s children.

Throughout his journey, Joey has been vlogging his experiences on his YouTube channel and other social media. In his very first video upload, he shared the first project that he planned for the children at Hope House Orphanage – buying a barbecue grill and putting together a complete 4th of July celebration. In subsequent uploads, viewers got to see the results of his efforts as the children enjoyed a hearty meal cooked by one of America’s best.

“I want to bring people along so that they can see just how different things are on the other side of the world,” says Joey Morelli, “and how blessed we are, as Americans, to be sheltered from the incomprehensible level of poverty and injustice that is commonplace in other regions. It is really eye-opening and compels you to be thankful for what you have. I think that is what we need the most right now. The ability to be grateful and to have the power to do good within our own little circle. By sharing my experience on YouTube and TikTok, I hope I can encourage viewers to donate and, maybe, inspire them to make a change in any way they can. If this message resonates with you, head over to my website at to find out how you can contribute.”

Over the next few months, Joey continued uploading videos regularly to his main channel. In November 2022, he arranged a fundraiser at his Chicago deli to fund his return to the Hope House. During the subsequent trip to Cambodia, Joey shared vlogs of trips to Phnom Penh’s central market, cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast, taking a tour of a hydroponic farm, taking the children out for bubble tea, making a full Mexican dinner, participating in a charity drive to feed over 150 families, and much more.

The latest uploads see Joey taking a detour to Phuket, Thailand, and having a fun time under the sun. The celebrity chef goes scuba diving, has a scrumptious seafood dinner on the beach replete with Thai basil fish, stir fry crab, pork fried rice, and more, and climbs to the top of The Great Buddha of Phuket.

Joey’s motivations for doing what he does are best summarized in his own words. In one of his videos, he talks about why he chose this path for himself by saying, “I like to cook for these kids because I love being of service. Eric's father (referring to Eric Lyons, the founder of Hope House Orphanage) was like that - a high school basketball coach, mentor, and legend. So that's in Eric's blood. My dad always raised me to give. He did projects all over. He didn't care if he took a loss. He just liked to give and that's how I feel. That's why I love cooking for kids all over the world.”

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