Meet Positives Makes STD Dating In California Easier

July 29, 2022 at 19:51

California residents living with chronic STDs may be happy to learn about, a platform that makes it possible for them to find other people in similar situations. The platform is primarily a dating website, but it provides people with a way to share their experiences in a safe, judgment free environment (even if they have no interest in interacting with people romantically). The California STD dating experience is difficult as is dating with STDs anywhere else, but with, dating with chronic sexually transmitted diseases need not be all that difficult.

“Online dating has become part of the California dating culture,” says “With STD dating coming into picture, everyone is taken care of. When California is mentioned, all the beautiful people, the movie stars, the great beaches and the night life come to mind, right? Well, what most people do not think about when California comes to mind is its STD dating space. The Golden State, as it is popularly known, is not just about the bars, the restaurants, the beaches and the great outdoors. This means that people living in California who would like to try herpes dating, HIV dating or HPV dating have a chance to do so and find love and romance in a safe way. According to, a good number of their positive members come from California.”

The most common STIs are HIV, HPV and herpes, and there are many misconceptions and misinformation surrounding each condition. Each of these have unique aspects to them, but what they do have in common is the fact that they are lifelong due to the fact that none have a cure.

Herpes is particularly common and is caused by the herpes simplex virus which comes in two common strains, HSV1 and HSV2. The former commonly causes oral herpes, and the latter causes genital herpes. However, either can cause the other. Human Papillomavirus or HPV comes in 200 strains, many of which can cause some types of cancer. HIV is spread through bodily fluids like blood, vaginal fluids and semen — and later causes AIDS, a condition where the body can no longer fight off common infections.

All three, though incurable, can be treated, and many people live happy and full lives with HIV, HPV or Herpes. This includes dating which, while a bit more difficult, is still very possible even with a lifelong infection. Many people believe contracting a chronic STD is the end of their dating life, but with platforms like and a positive outlook on being positive, it does not have to be.

“Going back to the dating space after being diagnosed can be an easy affair or a daunting task,” the platform comments. “This will purely depend on how you choose to approach it. Most people go through a rough patch especially because there is the acceptance period. If you are single, dating is one of your major concerns. The most important move is to accept your diagnosis. If you can accept it, then you will probably be in a better position to let your partner know. There is extreme stigma attached to STD positive diagnosis, and this is something you should be aware of. California is a diverse culture state with Hollywood as well as major cities such as San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There is the leisure atmosphere in most of these cities, and this brings in the dating and casual sex aspect. Well, positive singles in California can have a rough time when they look around and see lovers holding hands walking along the boardwalks near the beaches. Everyone wants to stand out like the Hollywood sign, but with an STD, most people hide behind smiles.”

Dating has become a dynamic process, and most people are not interested in waiting to get intimate. Navigating such a dating scene while living with an STD is a lot harder, especially since it means having to have a conversation with every new partner. For an easy, comfortable, stigma-free dating life, interested parties may visit The site has helped many people get back out onto the dating scene even when they thought it would not be possible.


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