Miami Podiatrist Marian Davis DPM Is Offering the Swift Microwave Wart Treatment for Plantar Warts

December 13, 2022 at 22:34

Miami podiatrist Marian Davis DPM has announced that her clinic is now offering her patients the benefits of the pioneering Saorsa Swift Microwave System, a cutting-edge, FDA Cleared technology that has proven to be highly effective in the removal of plantar warts. Readers can find out more about her clinic by heading over to

Plantar warts are caused by HPV (the Human Papillomavirus). Though HPV is commonly regarded as a sexually transmitted infection, it is, in fact, a family of viruses that encompasses over 200 different types. Non-sexually acquired HPV spreads through direct contact with broken or macerated skin. This ease of transmission makes HPV responsible for a wide range of skin conditions including plantar warts.

Plantar warts are stubborn scaly growths that are found on the balls and the heels of the feet. Plantar warts tend to dig deep into the infected person’s skin making them very hard to remove. Consequently, several treatments have been used over the years to address plantar warts including cryotherapy, application of Salicylic acid, laser ablation, and more. Some podiatrists may even recommend minor surgery if regular treatments have proven ineffective for a patient.

However, all of the aforementioned treatments are known to be uncomfortable and even painful to some extent. Most importantly, the treatments are known to be imprecise because the underlying methods of removing plantar warts cannot discriminate between healthy tissue and infected tissue. This leads to unintended damage to the surrounding tissues. The patient also needs significant time to recover from the treatments.

Saorsa’s Swift Microwave Plantar Wart Therapy System has changed all of that. The system uses the power of safe and controllable microwaves to only target the skin cells affected by the virus. The non-ionizing radiation from the microwaves travels no deeper than 6.5mm in the skin in a straight line with no lateral spread. The Swift system also does not produce any smoke, plume, or smell, making it an overall cleaner and safer alternative.

Marian Davis DPM talks about incorporating the SWIFT Microwave Therapy System in her clinic’s suite of podiatry treatments by saying, “I have always prioritized the safety and comfort of my patients at my Miami clinic. This compels me to study the latest advancements in the science of foot care and incorporate them into the clinic’s diagnostic and treatment workflow. I strongly believe that the Saorsa Swift Microwave Therapy system is the future when it comes to treating plantar warts. It has shown proven results, offers cleaner and safer treatments, and drastically reduces the time needed to recuperate. If plantar warts are affecting your mobility and quality of life, book an appointment with us today to experience the most cutting-edge treatment available for the problem. We also urge you to follow us on our Facebook page at to receive updates from the clinic.”

The range of foot and ankle conditions treated at Marian Davis DPM’s Miami foot care clinic includes foot and ankle pain, heel pain treatment, foot and ankle fractures, ingrown toenails, sports injuries, fungal nails, diabetic foot care, Achilles Tendinitis, bunions, hammertoes, wound care, and more. Some of the most popular treatments at the Miami foot clinic include MLS Laser Therapy, SWIFT Wart Treatment, PRP Injections, and more.

Marian Davis, DPM, MBA, ABPM, CWSP, ABMSP, is board certified in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine and Podiatric Surgery. For many years she supervised the Podiatric Residency Training Program at Westchester General Hospital and formerly also held the position of Director of the Wound Healing Center at North Shore Medical Center. Dr. Davis specializes in foot and ankle trauma surgery, sports medicine, diabetic routine care, laser treatment for toenail fungus, elderly home-bound care, radio frequency treatment for heel pain, wound care, minimum invasive surgery (MIS) in the foot and ankle, and much more.

Patients in Miami can contact the clinic of Marian Davis, DPM, PA at (305) 835-8000 to book an appointment. Readers are also encouraged to follow the Miami podiatrist’s Twitter profile at to keep up with its news and announcements.


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