Mighty Dog Roofing Attends To Roofs In Northwest Minneapolis

August 04, 2023 at 15:45

Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Minneapolis, based in Maple Grove, MN, is available for roofing projects in the area. The company can install, repair and replace several aspects of a building’s exterior, including the roof, gutters, siding and windows, and they look forward to showing homeowners and businesses what a 5-Star contractor can do. See more here: Visit Company Website.

Customers may start out by requesting a free estimate from Mighty Dog Roofing. This can be scheduled over the phone or through the company’s official website, and all data submitted to the company is stored securely in the Mighty Dog Customer Vaut. Should a customer choose to move forward with the company’s proposal, any and all information gathered over the course of the project will also be stored here for future use.

Elaborating on this, the company says that many customers rely on the team for annual maintenance and inspections as well as repairs. By storing all the data they gather on a home’s exterior, the company can build a timeline of wear and tear (and damage) and track whether a roof or other aspect is performing as well as it should. This also enables them to determine which points of a building may need more attention or reinforcement.

Mighty Dog Roofing takes pride in dealing with customers with honesty and integrity. This is why they exclusively use the best materials on the market and employ only highly trained, experienced people who know what they are doing. When a job is done, Mighty Dog says, it has to be done right, and this is a significant component of the secret to Mighty Dog’s success.

Along with their commitment to their customers, the company utilizes the latest technological advancements to assist their work. This includes drone photography and surveying, allowing the team to get a high vantage of any building and create a high quality digital map of its exterior. This map can be used to pinpoint problems with extreme accuracy without undue risk to the team, who might otherwise have to spend time manually searching for any problems.

The company clarifies that the drone is mostly used to speed up the inspection process. Once a point of interest is identified, the team will confirm its status in person. This means they will waste less time looking for faults and can dedicate more of their attention to developing a solution. This is especially helpful given that the company employs a 25-point inspection that analyzes virtually every aspect of a building to ensure its exterior is in good health.

The drone’s captured footage and photography has other purposes as well. The company says any information stored in the Customer Vault can be accessed by the customer who owns it, so they are welcome to share it with other parties if they so wish. This can be useful in cases where an insurance claim needs supporting documentation or when the property in question is being sold. According to the company, real estate agents tend to appreciate having such good coverage of the property they are marketing.

Northwest Minneapolis homeowners and businesses are advised to contact Mighty Dog Roofing as soon as they suspect anything is wrong with their roof. In recent years, the area has been known for freak incidents and storms, so it is important to get in touch with a professional roofer as soon as possible to ensure no lasting damage has been done. Conversely, the company says those who are concerned about their home’s integrity are welcome to request an inspection. Appropriate solutions will be suggested if necessary.

Mighty Dog Roofing offers excellent warranties and backs them up with access to the free Mighty Watchdog Maintenance program. As a result, property owners can remain confident that the work the company does will stand the test of time and the elements. Further, in the event an issue does present itself, Mighty Dog Roofing will dispatch a team to handle it with minimal fuss.

Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Minneapolis looks forward to working with local property owners to ensure their buildings are secure from the elements. Contact and learn more about the company here: Visit Web Site.


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