Mr Relokate: Movers Share Top 10 Tips For Moving Furniture In Toronto

March 06, 2023 at 14:50

Etobicoke, Ontario -

Toronto, ON based Mr Relokate recently published a blog post listing their top 10 tips when moving furniture in Toronto. By following the moving company’s advice, everyone can avoid damaging their valuables during a move.

The blog post goes into great detail about some of the things people should be careful about when moving furniture and how best to get heavy items from one spot to another without worrying about breaking them or causing injury to anyone else. The post aims to ensure that people are fully informed about the right way to move furniture, thus reducing the likelihood of injury or damage to property.

The first piece of advice the post shares has to do with labeling boxes. Labels are extremely important as they help the person who is moving keep track of which boxes are meant to go in which room. It also helps the movers know where to place the boxes once they reach their destination. There are many ways in which boxes can be labeled. Printed labels, permanent markers or tags work well, and they greatly reduce the risk of items being mishandled or placed in the wrong location.

Second, the post recommends packing an essentials box. An essentials box contains items like toiletries, clothes and essential documents. This makes it easy to access items that, as the name of the box implies, are essential without every box having to be unpacked at once. If these essentials are not getting mixed in with other items, they will not be nearly as difficult to find. The blog post also comments that it is important to protect fragile items, plan ahead and stay organized.

Mr. Relokate’s article then addresses the actual act of moving furniture. It advises people who are moving not to attempt to do so alone, especially if an item weighs more than 100 pounds. It is also important to use the appropriate equipment, such as a dolly, which can make moving heavy furniture much easier. The post also says that it is important to avoid lifting furniture by the corners and that furniture should be protected when it is being moved.

The post goes on to explain what to do and what not to do when moving furniture, providing very useful tips. It is possible, however, to move furniture without having to think about any of the tips mentioned in the article — by hiring a professional moving company, such as Mr. Relokate. Having a professional on hand can greatly simplify the moving process. Mr. Relokate has helped dozens of people move their furniture quickly and safely, and they have built an excellent reputation for being a trustworthy moving company. Anyone can visit Mr Relokate on Instagram to see some of their work.

“I was very impressed with the attention to detail and care that Shane gave to my move,” says a review from Marion K. “Everything was wrapped in moving blankets and/or plastic shrink wrap to prevent any damage. He arrived on time and completed the move with professionalism, especially given the snowstorm that happened that day. Shane was COVID-aware and prepared, professional and very respectful to both me and my belongings, as well as following the guidelines relating to the use of the elevator and hallways in my condo building. I would definitely recommend you contact Shane for your next move.”

Adnan C. similarly says about their experience with the moving company, “Shane and CJ were awesome! They were very helpful during a stressful moment, and made sure all my belongings were treated with care. Shane provided an exact quote for the move and stuck to the price agreed upon, not like other movers. They came the exact time I needed them because I had two elevators booked. I have already recommended Mr. Relokate to others. If you are looking for a reliable mover, with no headaches, call Shane from Mr. Relokate.”

Those planning a move in the near future may read Mr. Relokate’s article for useful furniture moving tips. They can also contact the Toronto movers directly for professional assistance with their move.

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