Nature's Rise Uncovers the Connection Between Weight Gain and Heightened Anxiety

February 22, 2023 at 16:49

Sacramento, California -

Sacramento, California – Nature's Rise, a health and wellness company based in Sacramento, California, is pleased to announce the release of groundbreaking research that reveals a link between weight gain and heightened anxiety levels. The study was conducted by Dr. Sony Sherpa MD., the lead researcher at Nature's Rise, and was presented at the annual Sacramento Psychiatric Association (SPA) meeting.

The study looked at over 1,000 participants across the United States who reported higher-than-average anxiety levels. Through a comprehensive review of their medical records and lifestyle habits, the researchers found that those with higher anxiety levels were more likely to have gained weight over the previous year. The results show a clear correlation between increased body weight and an elevated risk of developing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, the study found that overweight individuals suffering from anxiety were more likely to perceive their daily stressors as significantly worse than those not overweight. The results from this research have far-reaching implications for the health and wellness industry. They could be used to develop effective treatments for individuals suffering from both obesity and anxiety.

Lions Mane against Anxiety

Dr. Sherpa intends to continue her research in this area to discover additional insights into the interplay between mental health and physical well-being. Her ultimate goal is to help create an environment where people can eat healthier, exercise regularly, and lead happier lives.

"Our research shows that increased weight can cause physiological changes which can result in heightened anxiety," said Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD. "It is important to recognize that this connection exists so that we can help individuals take control of their mental health."

The results of the study were quite profound. Over thirty percent of the participants that reported higher-than-average levels of anxiety had gained at least five pounds over the previous year, while approximately twenty-one percent had gained more than fifteen pounds.

The researchers also found that this group was more likely to suffer from additional mental health issues, such as thoughts of self-harm or suicidal ideation. Furthermore, they suggested that proactive interventions should be taken to help those with higher anxiety levels maintain a healthy weight to reduce their risk of these illnesses.

"We are thrilled to present our findings at this year's SPA meeting," said David Longacre, CEO of Nature's Rise. "This research is a breakthrough in understanding the complex relationship between physical and mental health. We believe it is essential to address both aspects of health when treating individuals with mental illness."

Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, echoed Mr. Longacre's sentiment: "This data confirms what we already suspected: a direct link between body weight and mental health. Therefore, we must look beyond just one aspect of physical or mental health when treating individuals with anxiety or depression."

Nature's Rise hopes that this research will help provide a more holistic approach to treating individuals with anxiety or depression. This includes focusing on physical health treatments such as exercise and nutrition.

Research has shown that regular physical activity can positively affect one's mood, reducing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. In addition, nutrition plays an essential role in overall well-being; eating nutrient-rich foods can improve cognitive functions, including memory and concentration, which are often compromised by anxiety and depression.

By understanding how physical health is intrinsically linked to mental health, clinicians can more effectively treat their patients by including physical activity and nutrition plans. For more information about Nature's Rise and its research activities, please visit


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