New Plantar Wart Treatment Available For Warts At Lutherville Podiatrist

January 13, 2023 at 15:08

Lutherville, MD based Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM is pleased to announce that the industry-leading Saorsa wart removal system is now available at their clinic. In addition to a host of advantages that make the system an attractive option for patients and clinics alike, the system affords everyone an effective way to deal with plantar warts. See more here:

Known as Swift, the system utilizes microwave energy to rapidly target the wart in question, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM explains that the microwave energy produced by Swift can be controlled to an extremely fine degree, enabling providers to target only the wart itself during a session. In fact, they assure that no healthy skin will be harmed, and the microwave energy does not even penetrate the skin.

Those who may find themselves concerned about the use of microwaves will also be pleased to learn that such technologies have been in common medical use for decades. Microwaves and their limits are widely understood, though this is the first time they have been implemented in such a convenient fashion. Swift Microwave Treatment Therapy was FDA approved in 2018.

To begin with, patients will find that the treatment requires little to no preparation, nor any post-procedural work. This is due to the fact that Swift is designed to be non-invasive, affecting only the surface of the skin at which it is directed. According to the clinic, a compact generator produces microwave energy which is then directed where required via a specialized applicator. The system is also easy to use, contributing to the short sessions patients will enjoy when they arrive for treatment.

Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM says that the number of treatments a patient has to undergo will depend on their individual requirements and condition, but most will need only two or three treatments before they are done. Since the treatment relies on the stimulation of the body’s immune response, some time is needed between treatments to give this process time to gather momentum. However, many will find that they are advised to come in for treatments that are roughly a month apart.

One of the most notable advantages of the Swift system that patients appreciate is how painless it is. Other treatments used in dispatching plantar warts, such as cryotherapy or topical treatments can be somewhat painful, expensive or time consuming, and Swift can bypass all of these concerns. Patients who undergo wart removal with Swift often report feeling little to no pain, with comparisons being made to the sensation of receiving an injection or being scratched.

There may be some minor discomfort that persists for up to 24 hours following the treatment, but patients can return to normal activity. There is no downtime from the Swift treatment.

While the clinic acknowledges that some may hesitate to try this new technology, they encourage their community to schedule a consultation where they can have all their concerns addressed by an expert. As William F. says in his Google review, “I had a very excellent experience for a first time visit. When I checked in, the staff and Dr. Geoghan were all exceptionally friendly and helpful. Dr. Geoghan immediately made me feel very comfortable and really took her time to explain everything in a clear and precise manner pertaining to my foot issue as well as a treatment plan. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone having problems with their feet.”

The team is led by Dr. Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM. A strong believer in combining health and wellness, she believes the key to one’s health and wellbeing is maintaining an active lifestyle. Since warts on the sole of the foot could make this a more difficult endeavor, she encourages everyone not to hesitate to reach out if they experience trouble walking, engaging in sports, and so on.

Patients may schedule a consultation with Dr. Geoghan, a Board-Certified podiatrist and Heel Pain specialist, by contacting the clinic directly at 410-753-4422. An appointment request may be made via the clinic’s website as well. Patients can learn more about the practice on their website as well.


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