NYC LSAT Tutor Is Helping New York and New Jersey Law School Aspirants Increase Their LSAT Scores

November 15, 2022 at 17:16

Aspiring law students from New York City are being urged to check out the comprehensive LSAT tutoring services offered by NYC LSAT Tutor. The tutoring service provides NYC LSAT applicants with focused expert guidance that can make a huge difference to their LSAT scores.

NYC LSAT Tutor is a group of LSAT instructors and enthusiasts who formed the tutoring service due to their displeasure over how students are currently preparing for the exam. With over 15 years of combined experience between them, the instructors at NYC LSAT Tutor claim that they have the expertise to change the way students approach the LSAT. NYC LSAT Tutor offers tailored lesson plans, in-person and online tutoring, and a result-oriented methodology that has helped many of its students secure seats in the top law schools in the country.

A spokesperson for NYC LSAT Tutor explains the competitive nature of the LSAT exam by saying, “The LSAT exam is a test that challenges you to master the basic skills that you need to do well in law school. According to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), nearly 71,000 people applied to law school in 2021, a 15% increase from the year before, and the highest number of applicants in the last decade. And why shouldn’t it be? With top law firms across the country offering base salaries of over $200,000, it is no wonder that many see a law degree as a path to a stable high-paying career. If you want to stand out among your peers, you need razor-sharp wit and an even more rigorous study regimen.”

The tutors at NYC LSAT Tutor themselves have top scores and know the right way to impart that wealth of knowledge to their students. Students are taught the core techniques they need to be proficient in to get high LSAT scores. The tutors break down the complexity behind topics such as Logical Reasoning (LR), Logic Games (LG), and Reading Comprehension (RC) into simple and easy pieces that can be perfected with practice. The lessons are arranged in a way to ramp up from trivial to difficult. Students are encouraged to constantly refine their strategies so that they can crack the exam with flying colors.

The spokesperson talks about the advantages that NYC LSAT Tutor offers by saying, “Apart from covering all the topics relevant for the exam, we also give our students the individualized attention they need to excel. For example, we will examine how you process the questions in mock tests, the resources you are using to prepare, how you are managing your time, and so much more. When we find weaknesses in your strategies, we give you easily implementable solutions that will change the way you face the LSAT. We are completely invested in your success.”

NYC LSAT Tutor offers 24/7 support in addition to scheduled sessions. It offers tutoring at its office in Midtown Manhattan, close to Penn Station and Grand Central. For an additional fee, the tutors can also travel around the NYC area and meet their students at libraries or other public spaces in Manhattan or Brooklyn. For students outside of the NYC metro area, NYC LSAT Tutor offers online tutoring that is just as effective as in-person tutoring. Students can pay per lesson and can stop at any time. The NYC LSAT tutoring service also offers a scholarship program for those with financial hardships.

NYC LSAT Tutor serves students from nearby universities such as New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University, and Hunter College, and those from nearby areas such as Bergen County and Hudson County. A testimonial by a student who increased his LSAT score by 12 points says, “He (Jon) was a fraction of the cost of tutoring companies such as Kaplan and Varsity Tutors. I highly recommend Jon to any person in the NJ/NY area preparing for the LSAT.”

LSAT aspirants from New York City and nearby areas can contact NYC LSAT Tutor for further details at (201) 906-0123 or


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