Pathfinders Recovery Center Highlights Value of Holistic Drug Rehab in Arizona and Other Specialty Programs

January 09, 2023 at 18:13

Scottsdale, Arizona -

Pathfinders Recovery Center, based in Scottsdale, AZ, has highlighted the importance of their specialty programs for drug or alcohol rehab in Arizona, such as the program for clients looking for holistic rehab in AZ. And in a pair of complementary articles on Scottsdale and the nearby city of Tucson, they have highlighted their suitability as a rehab center for patients in Scottsdale and as a substance abuse detox center for patients in Tucson, Arizona.

With the increasing popularity of holistic rehab programs, Pathfinders Recovery Center takes pride in being a leader with regards to providing holistic alternatives for addiction treatment, having offered such an option for years. Holistic addiction treatment strategies are designed to address the root causes of alcoholism and drug abuse by unearthing the reasons for the patient resorting to addictive substances as a form of escape. By addressing the underlying causes of the addiction first, better treatment can be provided to the whole person, resulting in a higher chance of having an effective and long-lasting recovery.

A holistic rehab in Arizona is offered by Pathfinders Recovery Center

As indicated by the descriptive term, holistic rehab programs take into account the client’s whole person and that includes the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs when developing a comprehensive plan for substance abuse treatment. Holistic therapies may include: acupuncture; reiki; massage; meditation; yoga; nutritional therapy; herbal medication; and biofeedback. Some of the holistic therapies available are: nutritional therapy; meditation at a holistic rehab in Arizona; outdoor recreation and sports therapy; and acupuncture and massage to provide stress relief and relaxation.

Meanwhile, they also want to emphasize the suitability of Pathfinders Recovery Center as a facility for providing Scottsdale rehab for drugs and alcohol. Their addiction treatment programs at their Scottsdale rehab center can offer a number of benefits, such as: helping the client: manage the withdrawal period safely and comfortably; quit using drugs and alcohol; learn healthy coping skills for dealing with triggers to prevent relapse; deal with co-occurring mental health disorders; and gain deeper insight into addiction through therapy. At their Scottsdale rehab center, they can provide inpatient addiction treatment and rehab; outpatient rehab programs; medication-assisted treatment; and dual diagnosis treatment.

The staff at Pathfinders Recovery Center also want to highlight the effective substance abuse detox treatment they offer for clients in Tucson, AZ. Detox is usually the first step towards addiction treatment for people suffering from substance use disorders. The idea behind detox is that it addresses the physical aspects of the addiction in preparation for addressing the psychological aspects of the substance use disorders as a component of a comprehensive rehab program.

The goal of detox is to get rid of all residues of the drug or alcohol from the body. While it is not needed in all cases of addiction treatment, it is something that rehab center clients can look forward to. Detox is the process where all residues of the drugs or alcohol are eliminated from the body. It also has the goal of minimizing the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and optimizing the patient’s comfort and safety during the addiction treatment process. As a way to aid the process, medication may be used to alleviate and help manage the withdrawal symptoms.

Launched in 2017, the Pathfinders Recovery Center has a team with 25+ years of combined experience in delivering treatment for different types of addiction and co-occurring disorders and in assisting people get started on the road towards recovery. They offer drug and alcohol rehab services at their advanced treatment facilities in Arizona and Colorado, and they have also created a program that offers a way for clients to learn honesty, integrity, responsibility, leadership, and hard work. With the Pathfinders programs, clients are finally able to gain the ability to have a sober life. They equip their clients with various tools to provide them with a strong foundation for finally having a clean, sober, and accomplished life.

Those who would like to learn more about the rehab services, including medically supervised detox in Tucson, and other related services in Arizona, can check out the Pathfinders Recovery Center website or contact them on the phone.


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