Philadelphia Contractor MDL Restoration Safeguards Local Properties

August 14, 2023 at 17:13

Tullytown, PA based MDL Restoration is working with local homeowners and businesses to keep properties clear of various types of damage and hazards. The company’s capabilities are quite broad, ensuring clients will always be able to rely on a single, experienced contractor for all their property restoration needs.

According to the company, any building standing today will come with its own history, including a list of potential vulnerabilities. This applies to buildings of all ages, even modern structures, since no system is immune to wear and tear or unusual incidents that make them more likely to experience an issue.

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One common example of this, the company says, is water damage, which can occur in virtually any property — even if there is no plumbing. Burst pipes, leaky roofs and so on can turn a safe place to live or work into an unsafe nightmare, either from structural damage due to long exposure or even the propagation of mold (which requires an altogether different strategy to address). A prompt and comprehensive water removal service is needed to resolve such issues.

However, the company is also familiar with other types of damage, and the team has worked on numerous properties over the years. Along with water damage restoration, they can address damage caused by fire, mold, biohazards and more. Anyone who has dealt with such situations in the past will also be aware that some items or structures cannot be salvaged once the damage has set in, requiring them to be removed entirely. Fortunately, MDL Restoration employs experienced contractors who are able to perform a full reconstruction when necessary. No matter how extensive a loss may be, the team can bring a property to pre-loss conditions.

An individual or organization who wishes to gain some insight into the company’s approach to customer service (or the overall value of their services) may do well to start by looking up reviews from former clients. As with any company with a strong commitment to their community, MDL Restoration tries to maintain an open line of communication wherein the client is kept apprised of all progress and there are numerous opportunities to discuss any concerns with the team.

At the beginning of a project, this may be represented in the form of an accurate estimate, especially since MDL Restoration prefers to eschew hidden fees and costs altogether. This means the estimate the client receives will be as accurate as possible, and the team will always be willing to explain the reasoning behind any charges they deem are necessary. As a result, the client will be able to develop an informed opinion before they make any decisions regarding their property or the company’s involvement in its restoration.

While clients always have the option to back out and go with other contractors if they so wish, MDL Restoration is confident that the vast majority will prefer to work with their team when given the choice. The company has certain principles it abides by in every client interaction, and this is evident in the success of their projects. Further, the company is aware of the severe consequences a home or business owner could face if they are forced to deal with delays simply finding a suitable service or deciding whether the cost is worth their time.

“I have chronic asthma,” shares one of their clients, “and I noticed every time I get home I would have flare ups. After a week and a trip to the ER I, googled air vent cleaning. I saw MDL on Google and gave them [a call]. The receptionist was very helpful and had someone out the next day. When the technicians arrived, they inspected my heating unit and ductwork and said I needed it cleaned. They were quick, professional and very informative. After the job was done, I waited a day or two, and the flare ups were gone. Thank you for exceptional service.”

No matter how little or how much damage has been suffered, MDL Restoration is willing to help clients restore their property to pre-loss condition. Whether a client needs mold remediation or even a smoke odor removal service, the company will make their team available to anyone in need.

MDL Restoration can be contacted over the phone or via email. More information regarding their services can be found on the company's official website. Clients may get in touch today to request an assessment of their property’s requirements.


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