Provider of Shipping Services in Denton, TX Discusses How the Russia-Ukraine War is Affecting the Shipping Industry

March 25, 2022 at 16:06

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Denton, TX — Pack ‘N’ Mail is a provider of shipping services in Denton, TX. As such, they make sure to keep a close eye on the pack and ship industry and inform their community of any important changes they should know. Currently, the industry is being heavily affected by the Russia-Ukraine war, and Pack ‘N’ Mail is explaining why.

The shipping supply chain has taken much damage from the war. Russian forces have cut off certain shipping routes, some logistic firms are ceasing their services for the time being, and air freight has greatly increased in price.

The head of professional services at a company called Keelvar, Dylan Alperin, recently told CNBC that the closure of one of the ocean trade access points in Ukraine “has created a heavy buildup of vessels waiting to get through the Kerch Strait. With 70% of Ukraine’s exports distributed via ship, the congestion is worsening by the hour.”

Along with that, Christian Roeloffs, the CEO of ContainerxChange, states: “Parts of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov are now dangerous or unpassable. There have been missile attacks on vessels and ship arrests and lane closures for commercial shipping.”

Another current issue is the limited air capacity, as the airspace above Ukraine is shut and airlines have been declining to fly over Russian airspace. Each of these factors, combined with the oil price increase, has created a spike in shipping rates.

While this is not easy news to hear or discuss, Pack ‘N’ Mail is doing their best to help their community remain positive. No matter the condition of the shipping supply chain, they will still work hard to make the pack and ship process as smooth and efficient as possible for their customers!

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