Roots To Table Shares Article Offering Tips For Maintaining Its Bamboo Charcuterie Boad

June 02, 2022 at 16:00

Charcuterie board manufacturer Roots To Table is advising its many satisfied customers on how to take better care of their cheese board and knife set by sharing interesting informative articles from all around the web. Its latest find is a blog post from Cook’s Illustrated, an online publication focused on topics such as recipes, kitchen product reviews, buying guides, and culinary science. The most recent article shared by Roots To Table is titled “How to Care for Your Wood or Bamboo Cutting Board.” Though the blog post itself pertains to cutting boards, the information in the article is fully relevant and applicable to the care and maintenance of the Roots To Table Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Board.

The article begins by identifying moisture as one of the primary reasons why a wooden or bamboo board can suffer long-term wear and tear. The water molecules percolate the surface and expand the organic material of the board, causing it damage. To make its point, the article opens with the quote, “Moisture is the biggest enemy of your wood or bamboo cutting board. The more water your board absorbs, the more vulnerable it is to warping or separating along glue lines as it dries. As we learned from Adam Senalik, general research engineer at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, wet cutting boards are also softer than dry ones; that means they’re more likely to scar if you try to cut on them when they’re saturated with water. With this in mind, the best thing you can do for your board is to keep out moisture.”

The article then recommends seasoning the board as a way to prevent moisture from breaching the surface. The seasoning oils form a protective coating that repels water and stops it from entering the board through its porous surface. Recommended seasoning agents are spoon butter or board cream, the latter of which is a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. Leaving the coat on for 24 hours is enough to make sure the seasoning layer sticks. Mineral oil is another candidate for this purpose. However, it has to be judiciously applied, or else too much oil can erode the glue holding the different pieces of the wood together.

To wash the board and keep it clean, the blog post’s solution is to either use hot soapy water or a diluted bleach solution. The board has to be wiped down several times after with a wet cloth or paper towels to make sure there is no residue left on it from the previous soiree. Letting it drip dry after washing is a bad idea and instead, owners should pat off excess moisture with a clean towel.

A spokesperson for Roots To Table summarizes the article’s findings by saying, “Cook’s Illustrated insists that the perfect texture for a cutting board or bamboo charcuterie board is a lustrous look that is satiny and faintly oily under the fingertips. We agree that our Roots To Table Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Board Set, currently available for sale on, should also be maintained to preserve the same look and feel. We have spent years researching and selecting the ideal material for making the charcuterie board and have displayed even more acuity in determining the ideal manufacturing process to do the raw materials justice. If you follow the simple rules highlighted in the blog from Cook’s Illustrated, your bamboo charcuterie board will serve you well for years to come. It will be the center of attention for every special get-together that you plan with friends and family.”

The Roots To Table Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Board Set is made from 100% natural BPA-free bamboo that is sustainably sourced. The material also doesn’t spoil the meats and cheeses served on it and doesn’t retain any odors between uses. The natural bamboo materials ensure that the board doesn’t exude any chemicals which can potentially contaminate the food. The board also preserves its texture and color with minimal common-sense maintenance.


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