South Shores Recovery Highlights Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services in Orange County

January 11, 2023 at 17:25

South Shores Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility in Dana Point, CA, has highlighted the Orange County drug and alcohol rehab services they can provided by releasing several articles. The first article details the full continuum of their addiction treatment services. The second resource explains what cocaine detox is like particularly in an Orange County facility. The third article focuses on the use of surf therapy for addiction problems in Orange County. With their focus on clients and the application of evidence-based practices, the South Shores team is looking forward to helping more people in 2023 break from the shackles of addiction.

A spokesperson for South Shores Recovery says, “South Shores Detox offers the highest level of comprehensive treatment in a safe and therapeutic environment in beautiful Southern California. Our facility is designed for your comfort and health; with comfortable beds, a private chef, a relaxing setting, and therapeutic activities such as harp & surf therapy, massage, and yoga.”

A woman finds success with South Shores Recovery a top Orange County drug and alcohol rehab center

Aside from offering residential treatment near the beach, they also provide partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for those who have completed inpatient rehab or require less structure in their path toward sobriety. In IOP, patients are allowed to continue living at home while getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. This kind of treatment program is for patients who don’t require detox or 24/7 medical supervision and care. The patient will be attending therapy each day but can go home afterwards, which is in contrast to residential treatment where the patient has to reside in the facility for the duration of the program. Group therapy is also provided in an IOP setting with the purpose of serving as a psychoeducational group that allows participants to learn and develop problem solving skills and alter their negative belief systems.

Meanwhile, with cocaine detox Orange County clients get help with the withdrawal symptoms that occur when they stop using cocaine or reduce or cut down their use of the drug. Cocaine affects the brain by stimulating it to release larger amounts some chemicals. If a patient who uses cocaine stops using it, a crash is felt almost immediately. The patient may feel a very strong urge to use more cocaine and may suffer from other symptoms like fatigue, irritability, anxiety, lack of pleasure, agitation, and tiredness. The patient may also become paranoid and suspicious of other people. Because of the mental health risks of cocaine detox, finding a facility that can provide the proper detox is vital. Medical detox may be necessary to offer a higher chance of success for avoiding relapse. Because the results may vary depending on the specific individual’s addiction, they will provide a customized treatment plan.

With regards to the specific types of addiction therapy provided at South Shores Recovery, they offer surf therapy, which is a relatively new kind of eco-therapy. This therapy typically involves going out and learning how to surf. And the reason why it can be effective is that it teaches people self-efficacy, the patient gets to exercise, and most of all, the patient gets to be in the elements. Nothing can beat being with the sand, water, salt, and sun while surfing. In addition, there is a certain element of danger in surfing that many people find appealing. Surf therapy is also a kind of adventure-based therapy, just like wilderness therapy, which allows patients to reconnect with the earth through hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

South Shores Recovery offers a short-term residential drug or alcohol treatment program that provides the foundation for long-term sobriety in a safe and caring environment. They use various tools and resources to teach and counsel each client on how to break free from the chains of addiction. And the South Shores staff is equipped to be capable of handling even the toughest cases while being sensitive to the newer possibilities.

Those who are interested in learning more about the various kinds of therapies for addiction treatment provided, such as surf therapy in Orange County, can visit the South Shores Recovery website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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