Superior Behavioral Health MAT Clinic Cleveland

August 21, 2023 at 15:32

Garfield Heights, OH – Superior Behavioral Health is a MAT Clinic in the Cleveland area. They offer compassion, guidance, and community to their clients every step of the way. They provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as an option for those experiencing heroin withdrawal. They also offer medications like Suboxone, which is taken orally, and Vivitrol, which is a monthly injection. While this service is not a cure for heroin use, it is a helpful tool for those on the road to recovery.

“There can be stigma and misinformation associated with medication-assisted treatment. People may view it as substituting one drug for another and not addressing the underlying issues of addiction. However, that’s simply not true. MAT is an important part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program, and when combined with therapy and other services can be an incredibly effective tool for many people,” the clinic states.

There are several ways that MAT can be beneficial to the people who undergo this treatment. The biggest benefit of MAT is that it reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This makes it easier for people to focus on other treatments like therapy. When people are not experiencing cravings associated with heroin withdrawal, then they are less likely to return to use. Another way that MAT can be beneficial is that it supports a person’s journey toward recovery on the long-term level.

While they might not have to be in MAT for the rest of their lives, it does help people gain clarity and focus on what they need to have a successful recovery. It also helps them balance their brain chemistry. They will be less likely to return to use when weaned from MAT treatment.

Suboxone, one of the medication options for MAT, binds to the same receptors opioids do. However, this effect is weaker than opioids like heroin. It decreases physical cravings and lets people focus on their treatment. Vivitrol blocks the effects of opioids, which reduces the cravings associated with withdrawal. It is easy to keep up with because it is injected once monthly.

“When a person uses drugs or alcohol for a long period of time or in large amounts, these substances change the brain’s chemistry. When present, they activate the opioid receptors in the brain, creating the euphoric high that many people seek out. As that happens, the brain, which is wired to seek out pleasurable experiences, wants to keep feeling that high. As a result, the brain learns to continuously turn to these substances, encouraging a person to keep using them. MAT is a way to stop that process,” their website states..

Finding recovery is difficult but possible, and MAT makes that process easier for many people. While it doesn’t provide a cure, it is just one component of a successful recovery. Combined with a full range of therapy and counseling services, it can build a foundation for a lasting recovery.

Superior Behavioral Health is a local company with a small, intimate family feel. They provide MAT, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient for substance use disorders and mental health concerns all in one location. They do not have hundreds of patients, which allows them to provide quality, individualized attention. They also offer same-day appointments so people can get started on their treatment before they change their minds.

For more information about MAT and Superior Behavioral Health, visit their website or call them at 216-435-1110.


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