The Cup Coffee House: Creating Great Coffee With Budget Espresso Machines

April 27, 2023 at 16:15

The Cup Coffee House, based in Sugar Land, TX, has published an article that aims to help coffee lovers make a great cup without expensive appliances. While the platform has much to say elsewhere about mid-to-high end machines, it says that budget options can still deliver a superb experience when used well. Read more:

The secret, according to the platform, is to begin by making a careful, informed purchase. Budget machines come in a range of prices and may boast a limited array of features (compared to more costly variants), but a customer should not make the mistake of assuming that all budget machines are made equal. They may have less to offer in terms of variety, but manufacturers will each invest more into certain areas over others, and it is worth discovering what these areas are before making a decision. If the right choice is made, the reward is great coffee — with great savings.

A representative from The Cup Coffee House adds, “Starting off with good quality beans with the right roast profile is half the game to great espresso.” The right machine can make the rest easier, and a practiced hand can sometimes make a cup that exceeds the output of a more costly machine.

As the article states, “After 60+ hours of in-depth research and analysis, we will share with you 9 of the best budget espresso machines on the market. From size, to capacity, to pressure and flavor, we tackle all the things you need to consider before making this big decision. So whether you want a higher end espresso machine with multiple functionalities, or something simple that makes espressos and coffee, we got you covered.”

The first question most will ask, especially if they have a long history with coffee, is whether budget machines are even capable of producing a great cup. While the platform acknowledges that people who have more experience with such machines (or already have decent machines but are looking to do better in the near future) are likely to want more, a budget option can still be a great investment for someone who is entering the homemade espresso world for the first time.

Expensive options, the article points out, tend to come with accessories that raise the price more than the core components that are needed for a rich and creamy espresso. This may include higher quality steel, milk frothers, milk steamers, coffee grinders, automatic brew and cleaning functionality and so on, but their absence is by no means a dealbreaker. Beginners should have no difficulties ignoring these options for the time being. See examples here:

The representative comments, “No one pulls consistent shots perfectly on Day 1. It takes practice and time. But anyone can learn to do it well. Cheaper machines means more work compared to fancier ones, but sometimes you can get better extractions and results.”

It is important to understand that there are different types of espresso machines, even in the budget range. “Most of the machines you will come across that are in the budget price range of less than $300,” the article says, “will be semi automatic espresso makers. This means the amount of pressure needed to pull shots is automated using an internal pump but you manually determine the timing of your shots. But you can find cheap espresso machines that use steam to generate pressure, such as Moka Pots. Or you can find portable manual espresso machines that are easy to travel with.”

Unfortunately, anyone hoping for a more automated experience will find this is where some of the cost comes from. However, it is not difficult to learn, and many find that timing and speed will become second nature with only a little practice.

Another consideration buyers want to keep in mind is the size of the machine in question. At home, for a family or several roommates, they may want to invest in a bigger machine that can produce more cups at the same time. At the other end of the scale, they may go for portable machines that can be used on the go. For the same reason, the article says buyers should keep a sharp eye on the capacity of the machine’s water tank. Either way, this typically has little impact on the coffee’s ultimate quality.

More information is available in the full article, and The Cup Coffee House’s website is full of insights on machines, beans, techniques and more. The platform also invites coffee lovers to stay connected via social media. Find them here:


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