Toronto Functional Medicine Centre Highlights 10 Facts About Potassium in IV Therapy Toronto

March 15, 2023 at 09:00

Toronto, Ontario -

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada, has recently released a blog post that highlights 10 facts about potassium in IV therapy in Toronto. Potassium is one of the minerals typically underused despite its health benefits. Certain tissues of the body need potassium to thrive, and this mineral is vital for proper functioning and cellular energy. That is why potassium, along with manganese, is often a part of the infusion therapy provided at the IV lounge of Toronto Functional Medicine Centre.

One interesting fact about potassium is that humans had 16 times more potassium in their bodies back when they were just hunters and gatherers. In modern times, the available food is mostly processed foods with the Western diet containing large amounts of sodium and less potassium, which scientists believe is the reason why many adults are suffering from high blood pressure problems.

Potassium in IV therapy in Toronto

Another important fact is that minerals needed by the body are mostly found in the cells, with 80 percent of them located in the muscle cells. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, the normal functioning of the body is dependent on how much potassium is concentrated within the exterior and interior of cells.

Potassium functions as an electrolyte with the potassium ions carrying a positive charge and this “electricity” is utilised for a broad range of body processes involved in muscle health, fluid stability, and the nerves.

A fourth interesting fact about potassium is that along with magnesium, it may play a protective role against the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, supplementation with potassium plus proper water intake may decrease one’s chances of having kidney stones.

Fifth, abundant amounts of potassium in the human body, according to a Harvard Medical School study may decrease the risk of strokes. In an eight-year study, they found that men who increased their intake of potassium had decreased their risk of stroke by 38 percent when consuming 4,300 mg of potassium every day.

Sixth, a Korean study has indicated that increasing potassium intake may improve bone health, although further research is needed. Their results indicated that bone mineral density improved in postmenopausal women aged 50+ when they increased their daily potassium intake.

Seventh, there are many possible causes of nutritional deficiency in potassium. These include: eating disorders; taking certain medications like diuretics; kidney conditions; chronic diarrhea; and Cushing’s syndrome. Symptoms of potassium deficiency include: abnormal heart rhythms; muscle cramping; tingling; frequent urination; and breathing problems.

Eighth, people need to consult with a functional medicine provider before supplementing with potassium because kidney function usually declines with age. Some people may need to limit their potassium intake if they have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, have blood pressure problems, or have attained an elderly age.

Ninth, a functional medicine provider can recommend ways to increase potassium intake, such as diet changes and oral supplementation. Possible side effects from oral supplementation may include indigestion, nausea, etc.

Tenth, another possible way to supplement is through vitamin IV therapy, which may help in boosting blood cell production. IV therapy may be appropriate for people suffering from malabsorption or dysphagia. Toronto Functional Medicine Centre may offer therapeutic doses of potassium combined with other nutrients, which are inserted directly into the bloodstream and don’t have to go through the digestive tract.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre is a functional medicine clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that is focused on integrative naturopathic functional medicine. Their approach is to combine acupuncture, integrative functional medicine, IV therapy, allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, detoxification, and bio-identical hormone treatments, and more. These therapy approaches can be used for a broad range of health issues, such as: neuropathic pain, postmenopausal health issues, acute health issues, hormone imbalances, and more. They may also provide help with: cellular damage, tissue repair, athletic recovery, chronic fatigue, DNA repair, infertility, mineral deficiencies, thyroid conditions, immune function, adrenal function, skin rejuvenation, and more.

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