Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Advises Homeowners on Tree Stress

December 23, 2022 at 23:08

Santa Ana, California – Tree Service Experts Santa Ana, a company that has always been at the forefront in assisting homeowners understand the conditions of their trees, shared information about tree stress earlier today.

"For the longest time now," said the CEO, "Tree Service Experts Santa Ana has been helping homeowners learn more about their trees, so they can easily tell when it is necessary to call a tree care specialist. To continue with what the company already introduced the homeowners to, today the company is here to share about tree stress.”

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The CEO went ahead, and shared important things homeowners should know about tree stress.

"Trees in the forests can live up to a hundred years or more," said the CEO. "On the other hand, the trees in towns and cities barely make it to 20 years. Why? They are more stressed than the trees in the forests. Bearing this in mind, one can conclude that, the belief that the main tree stressors are pests and diseases is a misconception. The majority of stress in trees is, therefore, caused by the human environment. In fact, human activities are often to blame for tree infestation."

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"Telling whether a tree is stressed for an untrained homeowner is hard," said the CEO. "Knowing the signs suggesting a tree is stressed is, therefore, very essential for a homeowner. Now, what are these signs? The first sign is that the tree has a lot of dead branches. Cracks on the tree trunks also suggest that the tree is stressed. Big cracks mainly appear when the tree is decaying, and if left on its own for too long, the tree may need to be removed in the end. The tree leaning suddenly or losing leaves at the wrong time of the year is also another sign. What’s more? The tree having brown or wilted leaves, scorched leaves, spotted leaves, and mushrooms near the tree base also suggest that it is stressed."

The CEO also noted that Tree Service Experts Santa Ana will share more signs of a stressed tree with homeowners through its media room.

"Signs of a stressed tree are not limited to what has been discussed today," said the CEO. "There are very many other signs that trees use to raise a concern. Due to the limited time today, the company will update the Tree Service Experts Santa Ana media room with more signs.”

The CEO urged homeowners to ask for assistance immediately if they noticed anything unusual in their trees from qualified tree care professionals. He confirmed that Tree Service Experts Santa Ana was ready to help trees overcome the stress.

"Very many trees have lost their lives to stress," noted the CEO. "Homeowners should, therefore, ask for immediate help when they see the trees behaving differently. If a homeowner is not in a position to tell if the trees are behaving strangely, he/she should contact trustable tree care professionals for an inspection."

"For the homeowners in Santa Ana and the entire neighborhood," said the CEO, "Tree Service Experts Santa Ana is their trusted home of specialists that will help them determine if their trees are stressed and save them from the stress. They, therefore, should reach out to the company for immediate assistance.”

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