Tulsa Tree Experts Appoints Long-Term Employee to Assistant Manager

December 28, 2022 at 17:44

Tulsa, Oklahoma -

Tulsa, Oklahoma – After working with Tulsa Tree Experts for over 20 years, the CEO earlier today announced the promotion of Nelly to assistant manager.

“Nelly joined Tulsa Tree Experts in the year 2000,” said the CEO. “At that time, the company was not well known. In a day, the company would receive a maximum of two bookings and many are the days that the company went without any booking. This made the company to be financially struggling and hence paid the employees very low salaries. Many left, but Nelly chose to stay. Since loyalty is paid with loyalty, today, Tulsa Tree Experts is happy to introduce Nelly as the new assistant manager. This comes a few days after the former assistant manager retired.”

The CEO also revealed that Nelly had participated immensely in the Tulsa Tree Expert’s growth.

“Nelly boasts very high marketing skills,” said the CEO. “While the company was struggling to win its first clients, Nelly gave it her all. It is through her that the company has reached where it is now. What’s more? The more the company grows, the more it needs employees. Whenever recruitment is done, Nelly is always on the front line to give the new employees some mentorship. This helps the employees to feel at home almost immediately, hence less time is spent trying to adapt to the new working environment. “

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The CEO noted that Tulsa Tree Experts found Nelly best suited for the assistant manager position because of her academic qualifications and working experience. He also added that Nelly was always interested in leadership.

“Before joining Tulsa Tree Experts,” said the CEO, “Nelly was working as an office administrator in a public bank based here in Oklahoma. Before that, she was working as a manager in a tree care company based in California. These two were enough for Nelly to gain high managerial skills. Nelly also boasts a degree in office administration and technology. These, together with her natural interest in leadership, made the company find Nelly as the best suit for the position.”

The CEO hinted at the company’s plan to promote other employees too. He also added that the company will also find other ways of motivating its employees since they can’t be promoted all of them.

“Job promotion serves as a motivation to the employees to do better,” said the CEO. “When they are motivated, clients are the highest beneficiaries. For this reason, the company will be promoting employees who have proven very hardworking, and productive. Every promotion and appointment made will be updated in the company’s media room. Also, since all the employees have proven to do their best at what they do, and there are limited job positions for promotion, the company will find other ways to keep them motivated. This will include; salaries increment, and gifting.”

The CEO then urged homeowners in Tulsa and its suburbs to make their bookings with the company.

“Which tree owner doesn’t wish the best for his trees?” asked the CEO. “Tulsa Tree Experts’ goal of leaving all the homeowners that choose to work with them happy is still on. Therefore, homeowners in Tulsa and the entire neighborhood should contact Tulsa Tree Experts for extreme happiness associated with good tree care services.”

Tulsa Tree Experts offices are located at 3171 S 129th East Ave Ste A PMB 2070 Tulsa, OK, 74134. Homeowners can also reach out to the company by calling +1 539-666-4317 or sending an email to sales@treeservicetulsa.net.


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