Unlocking The Body Massage, A Prenatal Massage Clinic in Puyallup, Offers Expert Massage Therapies To Support Women From Pre-Pregnancy Through Postpartum

August 16, 2023 at 16:46

PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON – For women on the journey to motherhood, whether in the conception stages or in postpartum, massage therapy might be a great option to support their physical and mental health. Unlocking The Body Massage, a massage therapy clinic in Puyallup Washington, is pleased to announce their offering of prenatal massage. As the premier prenatal massage clinic in Puyallup, Unlocking The Body Massage wants to inform people of the benefits of prenatal massage, and how experienced their team is.

“Prenatal Massage can change a mother's life,” said clinic Founder and Lead Therapist, Jennifer Bull, LMT. “Prenatal massage can be used to help improve fertility, to support a mother’s health during pregnancy, help position the baby for birth, and help mom heal throughout postpartum. Prenatal massage has been shown to support lactation, hormonal balance, and more. The benefits for prenatal massage are as much emotional as they are physical, which is important for moms.”

The licensed and trained therapists at Unlocking The Body Massage understand the unique needs of a mother on her pregnancy journey, and have extensive training to properly assist moms through their prenatal massage. A mom’s body becomes a vessel for the most precious cargo during pregnancy, which is why Unlocking The Body Massage takes such pride in providing expert care from therapists who have years of experience. One of the leading prenatal massage therapists at Unlocking The Body Massage is Janelle Wise, LMT. Wise has completed and takes part in continued education courses on prenatal massage, which makes her the go-to prenatal massage therapist at the clinic. Her commitment to making her clients feel safe and comfortable, while also delivering soothing massages is paramount to her practice.

Unlocking the Body Massage recommends that mothers commit to weekly prenatal massage appointments throughout their pregnancy for the best benefits. In addition to prepping for labor and stress relief, improved circulation, immune system support, pain management, better sleep, and improved posture are all potential benefits of regular prenatal massage.

The implications of stress on a woman at any point on her motherhood journey are severe. Stress can cause hormonal imbalances, which can trigger disease. Stress can also cause decreased blood flow, which can negatively affect the reproductive system and baby. Stress can also lead to a weakened immune system, making a mother more prone to illness. This is why avoiding stress is so important for a woman on her motherhood journey. Bull talked about the importance of destressing throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and how massage can help.

“Stress is the worst thing for a mama and her baby,” said Bull. “Stress can contribute to many physiological problems, and it can make that first year of adjusting to your new baby very difficult. Massage is one of the best forms of anti-stress there is. It gives moms the opportunity to connect with their body, heal themselves, and engage in some much needed ‘me time.’ For optimal relaxation and comfort, massage is so important for a mother.”

For all its benefits, it’s clear why prenatal massage has become increasingly popular for women on their journey to motherhood. The benefits of prenatal massage outweigh the risks, and risks are extremely low when working with a licensed, experienced therapist like the team at Unlocking the Body Massage. Before beginning massages with the clinic, each person goes through a consultation, where the therapists learn about any health concerns or personal needs. Then once the therapists have the information they need, they will walk the patient through their massage plan, and prepare them for their session.

When preparing for a prenatal massage session with Unlocking The Body Massage, the team recommends a few tips to make a mother’s a experience ideal: wear yoga pants for any stretching; don’t overdo pelvic stretching or exercises; be sure to stick to light aromatherapy oils, like lavender and eucalyptus throughout pregnancy; make sure posture during the massage doesn’t hurt or cause any pain; and finally, try to relax, close your eyes, and breathe.

“This is meant to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience,” said Bull. “This isn’t the time to run through mental checklists, or start thinking about anything troubling. Just let go, and let the licensed therapists do what they do best – make you feel incredible.”

Unlocking The Body Massage aims to become the number 1 for massage in Puyallup. For more information, please visit their website. For media inquiries, contact Jennifer Bull at (253) 970-8256 or info@unlockingthebody.com. They are located at 8112 112th St Ct E, Puyallup, WA 98373


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