WhiteSands Continues Its Top-Rated Work to Help Fort Myers Residents Find Recovery From Addiction

January 11, 2023 at 00:45

Fort Myers, Florida -

Fort Myers, Florida — Following its third consecutive ranking by Newsweek magazine as Florida’s No. 1 treatment center, WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab look forward to another year of helping addicts find true recovery. Rather than looking backward, even at the good news, WhiteSands looks ahead to even greater success.

With several residential and outpatient centers in Florida, WhiteSands is a safe, caring place where clients are treated with respect and dignity, and addiction recovery is supported by research-based clinical practices, ethical leadership, and an innovative approach to treatment. Its goal is not just to bring clients to sobriety but to do so by helping them develop a stronger sense of self, stronger relationships, and the skills to reduce the chance of relapsing. As a result, clients leave WhiteSands with a rejuvenated mindset and confidence in their ability to sustain their sobriety for life.

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Fort Myers

Newsweek’s annual rankings are based on an independent survey of Florida healthcare professionals who score treatment centers based on the quality of service, reputation, accreditation, range of treatment options, and amenities and accommodations.

Fort Myers is one of three residential facilities WhiteSands operates in Florida; the others are in Tampa and Hyde Park. Clients find an effective treatment for substance abuse disorders at all centers involving alcohol and drugs. Treatment is designed to reveal the root causes of addiction, and options include family therapy for those who are willing to explore that dynamic.

One secret to WhiteSands’ success is its comfortable surroundings and activities, which make the experience as enjoyable as possible. From private rooms with flat-screen satellite televisions to spa treatments and a full schedule of recreational activities, WhiteSands shows that rehab can be pleasant. WhiteSands believes in seeing the client like a resort guest when they’re not in treatment.

This is not done to pamper clients, but common sense tells us that the more comfortable the client is, the more they can focus on recovery – and the more they feel that they deserve to be free of addiction.

When it’s time for treatment, the client works through an individually designed plan customized to their unique recovery needs. For instance, for many people, addiction is not the primary disorder but is a symptom of an underlying emotional disorder like anxiety or depression. This dual diagnosis would call for treatment of the entire condition, not just the addiction.

The client’s treatment journey in Fort Myers often begins with detox, the preparatory phase when the body is cleansed of toxins built up during substance use. Research shows that problems in detox are a critical factor in the client giving up on treatment, so WhiteSands makes it as comfortable as possible. Careful medical supervision by qualified experts is always recommended to help the client through the withdrawal symptoms, which can range from nausea and muscle cramps to seizures.

Medication may be offered to ease the pain and discomfort. WhiteSands also makes the experience less traumatic by using a slow tapering-off method. Rather than suddenly taking away the drugs or alcohol the client has come to rely on, it is withdrawn gradually and more safely.

Clients receive around-the-clock medical supervision during detox. The WhiteSands medical staff is comprised of board-certified medical doctors, psychiatrists, and nursing staff, and the treatment center staffs its medical facilities full-time.

After detox is completed in the Fort Myers facility, inpatient treatment begins, followed by intensive outpatient care to transition the client to living outside the treatment facility. Therapy includes a variety of behavioral and medical treatments designed to get at the real cause of the client’s addiction for lasting recovery.

Anyone seeking comprehensive treatment for a substance use disorder can visit WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab or call 877-959-2008.


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